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Spirit Airlines’ change flight policy suggests the quickest and most customer-friendly ways of managing an air ticket. For instance, you can visit the carrier’s webpage to choose a different travel date or time at least 24 hours before the scheduled flight. Is that all? You should read this blog further to understand all Spirit Airlines’ flight change and cancellation policies.

Online Spirit Airlines Flight Change Options

Here are ways of changing your Spirit Airlines booking on your own.

(A) Change your Spirit flight on the webpage.

Get to Spirit Airlines webpage and click the main menu on the top-left homepage section. Tap the ‘My Trips’ option with a briefcase icon on the left. Scroll to the ‘Find My Trips’ section to type your surname and the ticket confirmation code.

After that, click the ‘Continue’ button to edit your flight to your preference. Re-confirm your new Spirit Airlines booking before submitting it to customer support.

(B) Manage your Spirit ticket on the mobile App.

Spirit Airlines flight change policy lets you download the mobile application to manage an unexpired reservation. You must follow the below steps to change your Spirit Airlines booking successfully.

  •       Tap the ‘Find My Trips’.
  •       Type your flight details and click the confirmation button
  •     Change your preferred flight details.

(C) Chat with Spirit Airlines representatives.

Fortunately, Spirit Airlines’s webpage features a ‘Chat with Us’ functionality. Start by tapping your preferred language (English or Spanish) before initiating a live chat with Spirit customer care.

Please have your ticket number and surname ready, as the Spirit agent will need them to edit your flight booking.

Offline Spirit Airlines Change Flight Options

Are you out of data bundles? Don’t sweat it! You can contact Spirit Airlines customer center for assistance at no extra charge.

i.  Text customer care

Updated Spirit Airlines flight change rules introduced an SMS line to enable travelers to reach available agents efficiently. For instance, you can ask for these services by texting customer support at 48763 (message rates apply).

A more advisable option is to chat with the Spirit customer center via WhatsApp at +1-855-728-3555.

ii. Call Spirit Airlines customer support.

You can utilize the Spirit Airlines change flight phone number (+1-855-728-3555) to talk to a live agent, as no call rates apply. Luckily, the airline assigns customer care representatives 24/7 to address travel-related concerns that passengers might have.

For example, the agent can help change your Spirit Airlines booking at a small fee, depending on when you request this service.

iii. Modify the flight at your departing airport.

Spirit Airlines has offices in some airports, such as the Atlantic City International Airport to serve passengers. Therefore, you can walk to your closest airport to ask a service agent to change your flight booking.

Spirit Airlines Change Flight Time Policy

Spirit Airlines’ change flight policy gives a nod to modify your flight date or time, provided your flight hasn’t taken off yet. Please request this modification service at least 60 minutes (1 hour) before your scheduled flight.

However, you must manage a Bundle It booking at least 24 hours before the flight lest the agent will reject your modification request.

Spirit Airlines Flight Change Service Fees

Spirit Airlines flight change policy urges you to change your air ticket 60+ days in advance to avoid a penalty. Conversely, if you modify your Spirit Airlines booking within six days to your departure date, the carrier will deduct a service fee of USD19.

On the other hand, if you manage your flight 8 to 30 days before your flight date, customer support will charge you USD99. Lastly, expect to pay USD69 to USD70 if you change your air ticket 31 to 59 days before your travel date.

Spirit Airlines Flight Cancellation Policy

You can cancel their Spirit Airlines booking on the webpage or call the customer care number. The airline’s flight cancellation policy offers a 24-hour window that exempts a hefty flight cancellation fee.

After that, the carrier will strictly deduct a maximum of USD119 to revoke your flight. You’re free to make another last-minute booking, provided you cater to the fare difference.


Spirit Airlines is the least profit-driven airline as its flight change and cancellation policies appear to prioritize the passengers. Therefore, you should relax if an emergency comes up before your departure, as you can rebook another Spirit Airlines reservation on the webpage.