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Allegiant is popular among passengers who travel to destinations in Canada and within the United States. Research proves that this cherished carrier transports passengers to more than 120 destinations across the globe. 

This well-measured blog will make public how to complete an Allegiant Airlines booking on its webpage expeditiously.

How to Reserve an Allegiant Airlines Booking?

Explore the multiple methods for Allegiant Airlines booking and secure your Allegiant Airlines ticket hassle-free. They include:

I. Online flight booking

A passenger can visit the Allegiant webpage to complete an Allegiant booking fast. Feel at liberty to select the ‘Flight’ option on the ‘Main Menu Section’ to retrieve the Allegiant Flight booking online form.

Kindly offer basic information like

  • Departure point
  • Arrival City
  • Ticket type
  • Total children and adults

After that, click the ‘Search’ button to get a list of the scheduled Allegiant Airlines tickets. Kindly adjust your travel dates as the flights might be unavailable for some particular dates.

Today, the airline provides a list and a calendar view to make online flight booking less time-consuming.

Passengers should respect that Allegiant Airlines considers a traveler between 0 and 14 years a child.

II. Phone Allegiant Airlines Customer Support

You can call +1-702-505-8888 or +1-800-201-4576 to ask-for free Allegiant Airlines booking services at a convenient time. The relieving news is that this Allegiant Airlines helpline is on 24 hours for your sake.

III. Email Assistance

The carrier agents can help book Allegiant Airlines tickets for new clients when they ask for assistance through email. You should visit the Customer Request section and click the ‘Email Us’ option beneath the ‘Contact Us’ link.

The next step is to fill out the email form to enable the representatives to book the air ticket for you. They’ll need details like:

  • Full names
  • Total passengers
  •  Email address
  • Phone contact

Once you type all the necessary details, you must click the ‘Submit Form’ button for customer care to receive your request. For the most part, customer representatives respond to emails within minutes as the agents are reachable 24 hours.

How to Request Flight Booking Services on the Allegiant Airlines Live Chat?

These days, this giant carrier allows one to talk to a live representative to request Allegiant Airlines online booking services. Below are the steps for starting a live chat session with an Allegiant Airlines Booking agent.

  1. Visit Allegiant Airlines
  2. Click the live chat icon on the bottom-right section of the webpage.
  3. Type your query in the chat box
  4. The agent will ask for a few details to help you book the air ticket.
  5. Click the ‘End Chat’ to terminate the live chat session

Please take note of the Ticket booking number, as you’ll need it during flight confirmation, cancellation, or flight change.

How to Search Cheap Allegiant Airlines Tickets During Online Booking

Travelers should always capitalize on cheap Allegiant Airlines flight bookings to visit their most-loved travel destinations. Surprisingly, you can get a one-way flight for as low as USD37.

The following are the simple steps for accessing these Allegiant Air flight reservations.

  1. Go to Allegiant cheap flights
  2. Select your destination of choice, such as Tampa or Orlando
  3. Scroll down to pick the cheapest flight from the Allegiant Airlines cheap flights calendar
  4. Select a calendar or list view to see all the similar Allegiant tickets
  5. Click the ‘Continue’ button to follow subsequent steps.

Allegiant Airlines will email you the flight after you complete the online ticket booking process.

How to Check in for Your Allegiant Airlines Ticket

Allegiant Airlines’ check-in policy enables you to confirm your booking on the mobile app or the webpage. Please ensure you key-in your first name, surname, and ticket number to check in your Allegiant Airlines booking.

Alternatively, passengers can verify their Allegiant Airlines flights at the airport before boarding the airplane. Even so, you must be willing to spend USD5 for the representative to print your flight.

New Allegiant Airlines Baggage Policy

Passengers can travel with their luggage to any destination they please at a price. However, you must honor the fact  that Allegiant Airlines Booking sets out particular weight and size restrictions on all travel bags.

For instance, a carry-on luggage bag should be roughly 18 inches by 14 inches by 8 inches. Further, the bag should have a total weight of less than 50 pounds (approximately 23 kilograms).

Additionally, Allegiant Airlines allows one to carry an overweight bag, provided it’s under 45 kilograms. However, the airline will expect you to clear an additional luggage fee.

You should visit Allegiant Airlines’ official site to learn newer luggage rules before your travel date.

Allegiant Airlines Baggage Fee 2023

Customers can add baggage to their Allegiant Airlines booking and clear the relevant baggage fees before the deadline. In general, the total luggage fees depend on one’s travel bags and their weights.

A carry-on travel bag attracts a fair-minded luggage fee of up to USD75 per passenger. Additionally, the airline charges a given baggage fee for each overweight travel bag. For example, a bag that weighs 23 to 32 kilograms will cost you $50.

Conversely, an overweight bag weighing 32.20 to 45 kilograms will cost an additional fee of USD75. Relax, as the airline won’t charge you for a laptop or a handbag (for the ladies).

Further, Allegiant Airlines Booking doesn’t charge a fee for baby strollers or assistive devices, such as a wheelchair.

Allegiant Airlines Flight Cancellation Policy

Allegiant Airlines’ cancellation policy allows you to scrap your flight booking for free, provided you call it off within a day. After that window, the representative will subtract a minimum service fee of USD75 from your Allegiant Airlines online booking fee.

Fortunately, this travel policy applies to all Allegiant Airlines booking flights regardless of whether you used cash or miles to reserve them. After successful cancelation, the agent will credit the miles to your Allways Reward account.

Alternatively, Allegiant Airlines Booking allows you to use your flight fee balance to book another flight later.

How to Manage Your Allegiant Airlines Booking

Luckily, Allegiant Airlines manage my booking policy lets you modify or cancel your air ticket at will. However, the travel policy expects you to manage your Allegiant Airlines online booking at least a few hours before departure.

 i.  Canceling an Allegiant Airlines Flight

You can go-to Allegiant’s official site to revoke a flight booking before it expires.Please click the ‘Manage Travel’ option to retrieve your flight for nullification.

ii. Changing an Allegiant Airlines Booking

As luck would have it, you can change your flight or the travel dates at least 3 hours before the scheduled departure time. Feel free to talk to an agent or visit the Allegiant webpage to modify your Allegiant Airlines booking.

You must provide the correct flight booking number to complete this online process successfully.

 iii. Change your Travel Dates

Allegiant Airlines’ cancellation policy is lenient as it lets you call customer support to change or repeal your flight booking. The good news is that the Allegiant Airlines booking phone number is reachable throughout the day for flight date modification services.

All travelers must realize that Allegiant Airlines charges a service fee for flight cancellation or modification. For example, the airline might deduct USD25 to cancel an Allegiant flight for you.

On the other hand, an agent might demand a $75 service fee to change a one-way flight for you. Consequently, a round-trip Allegiant Airlines flight might attract a higher service fee.

FAQs on Allegiant Air Booking

How can I book cheap flight tickets on Allegiant Airlines?

To snag the most budget-friendly fares, consider booking your Allegiant Airlines flight on weekdays. You can save more by opting for early-morning or late-night flights, as it may be less expensive than peak hours.

How can I speak to a live person at Allegiant Air?

To reach a live person at Allegiant Air, you can dial their customer service number, which is available on

their official website. Once connected, follow the prompts or press the appropriate numbers to speak 

directly with a customer service representative.

What is Allegiant’s Unaccompanied Minors Policy?

Allegiant’s Unaccompanied Minors Policy outlines guidelines and procedures for

children traveling alone on Allegiant Air flights.

Does Allegiant Airlines offer any special discounts or promotions for group bookings?

Allegiant Airlines offers a variety of discounts and promotions for specific groups, such as active military personnel, senior citizens, and students. Contact us at (702) 505-8888 for special discounts on group bookings.

What are carry-on baggage restrictions with Allegiant Air?

The airline allows one carry-on bag per passenger with dimensions not exceeding 22 in x 14 in x 9 in. If your carry-on exceeds these dimensions or the weight limit, you’ll be charged an additional fee.

What are the specific rules for taking pets on board?

Allegiant Airlines permits cats and small dogs in the cabin. Make sure the carrier your pet is in fits beneath the seat in front of you and that it is securely fastened.

Do I get a refund if Allegiant Airlines cancels my flight?

You are eligible for full or partial refunds if the airline cancels your flight. However, refund value will differ based on flight type, cancellation reason, date of booking, mode of cancellation, and fare class.

What is the Allegiant All You Can Fly pass?

The Allegiant All You Can Fly pass offers unlimited flights for a monthly fee. If you’re a frequent traveler within the network, you will enjoy comfort and pleasure within your bucket.

Is the booking facility available at the airport counters?

Yes. Allegiant Airlines allows passengers to book flights at the counter. However, we suggest making a reservation through customer service number (702) 505-8888 will get you exclusive deals.

How to request rebooking if I fail to board the flight?

You will need to book new flight tickets as the airline will term your old ticket under no-show guidelines. However, you can request some compensation on booking fees by contacting the reservation department.