Aeromexico Seat Selection Policy

Aeromexico Seat Selection Policy

Posted By: Admin 26 Nov, 2023

Many passengers struggle to get a comfortable seat when flying with various international airlines due to restrictive seat selection policies. Fortunately, this should be the least of your concerns if you fly with Aeromexico Airlines.

The Aeromexico seat selection is rational and traveler-friendly, as the company holds all its customers in high regard.

How to Upgrade Your Delta Airlines Seat Online?

Would you like to upgrade your seat to Aeromexico first class? Fortunately, you can buy a comfier seat online if you remember your booking reference and destination. Below is the procedure to keep in mind.

  1.   Access Aeromexico’s site
  2.   Find the ‘Manage My Booking’ tab
  3.   Fill in your ticket reference and surname to retrieve your flight
  4.   Use the ‘Seat Upgrade’ link to initiate this process
  5.   Check out the Aeromexico seat map
  6.   Choose a seat in a more luxurious cabin class
  7.   Check out to pay the applicable Aeromexico seat selection fee.

How is Aeromexico Airlines’ Seat Map?

Each airplane, such as the Boeing 737-700, has multiple Aeromexico seats in all cabin classes, including business and economy. Typically, Business class has about 16 planes, while Economy class features roughly 145 seats.

Generally, each column features (three) 3 plane seats except at the front section of the airplane. Usually, this map shows the location of the seat for a passenger to know how to find it on the aircraft.

Does Aeromexico’s Seat Selection Policy Let Customer Care Choose Seats for Customers?

Yes, it does! As pointed out by the Aeromexico seat selection policy, passengers can telephone the call center at +1-(800)-237-6639. The customer support executive will check if the seat is available and then book it for you.

They will suggest a perfect payment option to complete the Aeromexico seat selection process and email you the confirmation message.

Why You Should Select Aeromexico Premier Seats

(i)           To enjoy better legroom

These Aeromexico seats have a wide seat pitch of more than 38 inches, unlike that of economy class. As a result, customers get an extended legroom, guaranteeing their comfort during the flight.

(ii)          For priority boarding

Secondly, Aeromexico prioritizes first and business-class passengers than economy travelers. Therefore, you will board the plane first before these customers after undergoing boarding clearance.

(iii)         SPA services

Interestingly, passengers who sit on the seats in luxurious cabin classes can get professional SPA services during the flight. Remember that these travel classes have fewer seats hence the legroom is much wider.

(iv)        Free baggage handling

Are you planning to check in several travel bags? We strongly recommend reserving this passenger’s seat for an official to help you carry the bags when going through clearance.

(v)          For better comfort

Unlike economy class, this cabin class features cushy and comfortable recliner seats.

How to Choose a Seat During Aeromexico Airlines Flight Web Check-in

A few economy passengers don’t know they can select Aeromexico AM Plus seats during online check-in. The following is the method you need to know:

  1.  Visit Aeromexico website
  2. Click the ‘Check-in’ link on the middle web navigation menu.
  3. Find your ticket by feeding in your Aeromexico ticket number and surname
  4. Locate the ‘Select Seat’ link
  5. Choose a seat after viewing the Aeromexico seat map
  6. Pay the payable amount
  7. Print the boarding pass (optional).

Aeromexico Airlines 737-800 Seat Map 2023

This airplane features Premier, AM Plus, and Main Economy cabin classes for the passengers. Ordinarily, Premier has 16 seats, AM Plus 18, whereas Economy class has about 126 passenger seats.

Unlike economy class, AM Plus and Premier seats enjoy a minimum legroom of around 3 inches and above. The seat charts number each row and seat from letters A to F for faster seat location.

What’s the Current Aeromexico Seat Selection Fee?

Aeromexico seat selection fee amount depends on the cabin class and the flight one bought. Today, a passenger can spend between USD20 and USD 30 to choose a plane seat. You can pay this service fee online when selecting your preferred Aeromexico Airlines seat.

Aeromexico Seat Selection Guidelines for Third-party Tickets

Did you purchase your Aeromexico ticket from a travel agent? Then you must contact him to help you choose a different Aeromexico seat for free or at a small fee. Aeromexico seat selection process prohibits third-party ticket holders from upgrading their seats on their official website.

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