Air France Unaccompanied Minor Policy

Air France Unaccompanied Minor Policy

Posted By: Admin 19 Oct, 2023

Air France sets forth numerous easy-going policies for unaccompanied minors to help parents prepare them for the journey ahead. For example, customer support reminds them of all the necessary travel documents they must submit to Air France officials.

Further, the Air France unaccompanied minor policy specifies an elaborate kid’s service for some underage passengers. Lastly, parents can monitor their child’s flight on the Air France mobile app.

How to Call Customer Care for Air France Unaccompanied Minor Ticket Booking?

Parents can contact the customer center through the Air France Airlines unaccompanied minor phone number  1800 419 2033. The HQ customer care agents work from Monday to Friday between 9:00 a.m. and 5:00 p.m.

What is the Air France Unaccompanied Minor’s Age Restriction?

According to the Air France unaccompanied minor policy, children who are between the ages of 4 and 17 are eligible to travel alone as long as they have the necessary travel documentation. However, parents of children between 4 and 11 must purchase the kid’s solo program.

On the contrary, kids between 12 and 17 can travel alone without purchasing this minor’s program.

Air France’s Kids Solo Program

Air France offers care services to children between 4 and 11 to ease unnecessary stress during domestic flights. Similarly, they offer these services to kids aged 5 and 14 years if they’re going on an international flight.

In most cases, a direct domestic or international flight will attract a Kid’s solo fee of USD40 and USD42. Contrarily, a connecting Air France flight will cost each parent at least USD50 and USD52.

How to Request Air France’s Kids Solo Services

A parent can call the Air France Airlines unaccompanied minor phone number to ask for these services at a fee. This option is perfect for parents who book the flight at the airport ticket counter or through the phone.

A second option is to reserve the Air France booking on the homepage. Next, go to the ‘Book a flight’ section to fill out the ticket form. Tap the passenger’s drop-down menu to select the child’s age range.

The relevant ticket department will contact you to learn more about your child. Usually, Air France offers mobility services to children with special needs.

Air France Policy for Lap Infants and Children

Air France welcomes lap infants and children on their flights when an adult accompanies them. A lap child should be below two years old to qualify to sit on their parent’s lap during the flight. Fortunately, Air France does not expect any payment for such travelers.

On the other hand, parents must book a ticket for all children over two years as they can’t sit on their parent’s lap.

Air France’s Solo Minor Travel Policy for all Legal Guardians

Air France expects all legal guardians to present supporting documents to prove their guardianship. For example, they must present their national ID or passport and a guardianship certificate.

Additionally, they must submit a consent letter for another adult to drop off or pick up the child. Occasionally, Air France may demand an adult fill out and sign an unaccompanied minor form.

Air France Check-in Policy for Unaccompanied Minors

Unlike other carriers, Air France allows a minor to confirm their ticket online at least 0.5 hours before departure. Another option is to check in at the departing airport at least 30 minutes before boarding the plane.

Air France’s Unaccompanied Minor Policy for Drop-off Adults

In accordance with Air France unaccompanied minor policy An adult must get a boarding pass at the main gate before entering the airport with the child. Similarly, the grownup must hand over a consent form with the parent or guardian’s signature. Further, the drop-off person must wait at the airport until Air France sends an SMS confirming the flight has taken off.

Air France Boarding Policy for an Unaccompanied Minor

An Air France official must escort the underage passenger to the airplane. Ordinarily, Air France grants underage travelers priority boarding to help them get to their seats fast.

3 Compulsory Air France’s Kid Solo Services

  1. Flight connection assistance

Air France has multiple staff members that can help an unaccompanied minor to transit from one plane to another. They understand the terminals of major international airlines, such as JFK.

  1. Supervision

The air hostess also watches over all the minors onboard to guarantee their general well-being. For example, they can direct them to the in-flight toilet to relieve themselves.

  1. Boarding assistance

Air France’s staff don’t mind wheeling passengers with disabilities onto the airplane. Furthermore, the air hostesses also assist the minors in tracing their seats to relax before the adult passengers embark on the plane.


FAQs on Air France Unaccompanied Minor Policy

What documents are required for Unaccompanied Minor service with Air France?

Under Air France unaccompanied minor policy, you will need to share your childbirth certificate, a letter that conveys you are allowing them to fly alone, and other verification documents.

What belongs in the carry-on luggage of an unaccompanied minor traveling with Air France?

The unaccompanied minors should include essentials in their carry-on luggage, such as identification, contact details, refreshments, and entertainment. Stuff the kid can play with on the way is something you can pack.

Do unaccompanied minors have any limits on the kinds of flights they can take? 

No. Air France offers both local and international flights to accommodate minors. When making a reservation, you simply need to verify with the airline since there can be limitations on certain connecting flights.

How much does Air France charge for a single child traveling alone?

For each child flying under the Air France unaccompanied minor policy, you may be required to pay $150 plus taxes.

What is the minimum age for flying alone with Air France?

To travel alone, your child must be at least 5 years old. However, on some flights, the airline may refuse to let your youngster fly alone. So, for further classification, contact the customer service representatives. 

How can I arrange an unaccompanied minor flight with Air France?

To request Air France unaccompanied minor policy, you will need to spend some time with the official website, mobile app, airport counter, and customer service number 1800 419 2033.

Does the airline have the right to need a guardian’s signature before letting my child fly alone?

As per the Air France Unaccompanied Minor Policy, the airline asks for a confirmation letter from parents or guardians to enhance the safety of their kids traveling alone. 

Why does Air France insist on parents having an attendant at the arrival gate?

The airline will hand over your kid to an attendant present at the arrival gate. It ensures that your children are flying with a known person which eventually upgrades the safety level. 

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