American Airlines Name Correction Policy

American Airlines Name Correction Policy

Posted By: Admin 14 Nov, 2023

Travel with No Tension with American Airlines Name Correction Policy

In the world of air travel, where meticulous planning is key, even the smallest details can make a significant difference. Picture this: you’ve booked your dream vacation, eagerly anticipating the moment you step onto the plane. Suddenly, you notice a minor error in the name on your ticket. Panic creeps in, and questions begin to race through your head.

American Airlines name correction policy recognizes that mistakes happen, and they’ve designed American airlines name change correction policy to address these hiccups. Whether it’s a typo, a legal name change, or a simple oversight, the airline strives to accommodate you and make the necessary corrections.

American Airlines Name Correction Policy

American Airlines name correction policy has a structured name change policy designed to accommodate you in specific circumstances. Under this policy, a fee, dependent on fare type and destination, is charged for name changes. Eligibility is contingent on the fare type and route, with certain restrictions applying. It is crucial to adhere to time constraints, making changes before the scheduled departure, and sometimes within a specified number of days.

American Airlines Name Correction Policy: An Overview

To ensure a seamless journey, it’s crucial for your ticket name to match your government-issued ID or passport. American Airlines understands this and provides a Name Correction Policy to assist passengers. Here’s a concise guide to help you breeze through the process:

  1. Early Action Advantage: If an error is detected in your name, act swiftly within 24 hours of purchase. Cancel your ticket, then rebook. For changes beyond this timeframe, familiarize yourself with AA’s name-changing restrictions.
  1. What’s Not Allowed: The policy prohibits changes to another person’s name, date of birth modifications, and gender changes.

Allowed Name Changes or Corrections: Tailoring Your Travel Identity

American Airlines name correction policy involves contacting their customer service, possibly providing government-issued ID for identity confirmation. Depending on the ticket type and fare rules, a fee may apply for name corrections. It is essential to check the fare rules to determine if a name change is allowed, considering potential fees. In some cases, canceling the original booking and rebooking with the corrected name might be a more viable option.

American Airlines name change accommodates various types of name amendments, providing you with a versatile approach to refining their reservations. Whether it’s correcting a simple spelling mistake, updating a name due to marriage or other reasons, adding a middle name or initial, removing a name, or even adjusting a title (like Mr. or Ms.), the procedure is intended to be exhaustive.

If you need to change a name, contact American Airlines’ customer care live person. This can be done via phone or email, with identity verification often required through government-issued ID such as a passport or driver’s license. You should confirm whether the fare rules permit a name change and assess associated fees, as sometimes rebooking might be a more straightforward option.

American Airlines allows specific name modifications based on valid reasons. Here are scenarios where changes are permitted:

– Misspelled Names: Correct typos effortlessly.

– Last Name Adjustments: Add or remove prefixes/suffixes.

– Marriage/Divorce Changes: Supported by valid proof.

– Inverted Names: Correct order for accuracy.

– Add/Remove Second/Last Name: Align with your ID.

American Airlines name correction policy recognizes life changes, including marriage, allowing you to update their ticket names. The process involves gathering required documentation such as a marriage certificate, contacting customer service, paying the applicable name change fee, and providing matching identification.

Minor and Major Corrections Unveiled

For non-refundable tickets, the original is canceled, and a new one is issued, potentially involving additional fees or no refund eligibility.

Enjoy name correction flexibility for unused tickets:

– Minor Corrections: Limited to American Airlines and American Eagle itineraries, correctable within the same PNR.

– Major Corrections: Applicable to itineraries with codeshare flight segments on AA/oneworld, requiring a new PNR due to software restrictions.

American Airlines, on the other hand, implements a special exemption policy for travel associates, facilitating name changes on qualified tickets. This applies to bookings made on American Airlines Prime or exchanged to AA Prime, including AA (codeshare) special exception cases.

How to Navigate Name Corrections: Online and Offline Options?

The name change process can be initiated by contacting American Airlines’ customer service live person or visiting ticketing locations or airports.

  1. Online

– Go to the official website and sign in to your account.

– Navigate to “Manage Trips.”

– Retrieve your booking and click on ‘Find Reservation.’

– Select your flight, pay the fee, and modify your name.

  1. Offline

– Call the official number (1-800-433-7300).

– Follow the IVR prompts to reach a representative.

– Provide changes details; the agent will walk you through the process.

American Airlines Name Correction Fees: What You Should Know

American Airlines imposes a fee for name changes, the exact amount depending on your fare type and destination. This fee can be conveniently settled either online or at the airport. However, it’s crucial to note that not all tickets are eligible for name changes; specific fare types and routes permit this modification. You must thoroughly review the fare rules and restrictions tied to their ticket before requesting a name change.

American Airlines name correction policy levies a fee for name corrections on certain ticket types, often hovering around $200. This fee’s variability depends on the specific circumstances, including the type of fare, ticket, and the time remaining before the flight. It’s crucial to note that not all fare types and tickets are eligible for name corrections. In such cases, you may need to cancel and rebook with the correct name. Additionally, some fare rules may completely restrict name changes, necessitating the purchase of a new ticket.

The fees for name corrections vary:

– Minor name changes are free.

– Major name changes incur a $25 fee.

– Domestic flyers face a $200 fee.

– International flyers encounter a $700 fee.

While transferring your ticket to another person isn’t permitted, you can transfer it to another flight before its scheduled departure, with a fee imposed by AA.


navigating name corrections or changes on your American Airlines ticket is simplified, thanks to the passenger-friendly American Airlines Name Correction Policy. Remember to double-check the details you wish to alter and enjoy a seamless travel experience with American Airlines. For further assistance, reach out to American Airlines customer service live person. Ensure accurate details for a seamless journey on American Airlines flights. Remember, even a single alphabet matters!

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