Hawaiian Airlines Seat Selection Policy

Hawaiian Airlines Seat Selection Policy

Posted By: Admin 3 Jan, 2024

An Azure Way to Secure Desired Seat with Hawaiian Airlines 

Hawaiian Airlines is the perfect choice for anyone looking for a reliable, luxurious flying experience. Be with them to enchant happiness while enjoying a journey of a lifetime. Your first step toward your dream paradise involves choosing the perfect seat with Hawaiian Airlines. Be with us to understand the Hawaiian Airlines Seat Selection program as it will give you the confidence to fly with comfort.

Seat Selection Clause based on Fare Types

Your passport to navigating the azure skies with confidence is Hawaiian Airlines Seat Selection program. The seat selection clause ensures that your pleasure and comfort becomes an integral part of your adventure with Hawaiian Airlines. The airline has many ways to pay for flights that will satisfy everyone’s desire for a special experience. Let’s explore more:

Main Cabin

  • The Main Cabin is the exemplary choice of enthusiasts like you as it extends an invitation to you to relish the pleasures of complimentary seat selection after booking.
  • On most routes, the airline may not charge hefty fees for seat upgrade even on the same day of departure. The added advantage enhances the overall travel experience and allows passengers to retrieve their energy promptly.
  • With Hawaiian Airlines, the choice is yours and the comfort is unrivaled. Plan your journey in the Main cabin and gaze at volcanic wonders from your window in the tropical ambiance by selecting the perfect aisle spot.

Extra Comfort

  • Extra Comfort offers passengers a stretching out place where pleasure takes from the seat. The seating arrangement ensures more legroom than standard options and provides a spacious and more comfortable experience for travelers.
  • Passengers traveling with Extra Comfort seats will benefit from the privilege of early baggage claim. The Hawaiian Airlines Seat Selection program ensures a swift and efficient retrieval of their belongings upon arrival.

Premium Cabins

  • Premium Cabins seats are comparable to the leisure of a contented sea turtle basking in the sun. Here, you will elevate your journey experience with more legroom and comfortable couches.
  • With premium cabins, multiple exclusive privileges comes which ensures a seamless and stress-free boarding process, setting the tone for a relaxed and enjoyable journey.
  • First or Business Class awaits more luxury through lie-flat seats, gourmet feasts, and a level of comfort fit for royal passengers like you.

Basic Economy

  • With its affordability and comfortable seating configuration, Basic Economy is perfect for budget-conscious adventurers. The spacious setting allows you to enjoy a comfortable flight journey without paying hefty charges.

Types of Seat Configuration

Choosing a seat is like choosing the right palm tree for your hammock. Each seat configuration comes with its own charm. Consider these factors when picking your paradise perch by submitting the Hawaiian Airlines flight seat selection form.

  • Window seat is for cloud whisperers and on the other hand the aisle seats are appropriate for restless adventurers. The choice depends on your requirement, you can go for anyone as per your demand such as go for window if you’re tempted by early sunrise or pick an aisle for more freedom to peace and joy.
  • As the Emergency Exit Row boasts legroom envy-worthy of a flamingo, it’s perfect for born leaders with long legs and a thirst for adventure. Great responsibility comes with a great view, so be prepared to step up to the plate by paying minimal charges.
  • Bulkhead Seats are in demand for passengers who are traveling with extended baggage. It offers you a dedicated compartment to carry your goodies more securely.
  • Choose the front seat if you’re eager to hit the beach without making any physical presence. Ideal for solo travelers who are seeking more elbow room.

How to request a seat with Hawaiian Airlines?

Hawaiian Airlines seat selection online and offline methods allow you to get a desired seat without mixing your soul with unexpected toil scripts. You can follow on-screen prompts on the official website or can make a seat change request through travel agents. For this, you simply need to follow the prompts after dialing the Hawaiian Airlines customer service number 1-800-367-5320 or  +1-800-201-4576. The agent will take care of your worries and help you get the best job. The offline method is a convenient method to complete desired work without letting comfort more odds.

Charges to Get Desired Seat 

In this section, we solve your query on how much you need to pay for seat selection with Hawaiian Airlines. Be with us to understand the pricing clause in layman’s terms. The airline offers a delicious buffet of fares, each catering to your unique wanderlust and budget. Let’s dive into the main options and their seat selection implications for a better and quick understanding.

  • Main Cabin
    • The crowd-pleaser comes with complimentary seat selection for all requests made within 24 hours of booking.
    • After the risk-free period, Hawaiian Airlines Seat Selection fees range between $25 and $80 plus other taxes and charges depending on your desired seat format.
  • Extra Comfort
    • Extra Comfort beckons with up to six inches of additional space, early baggage claim, and priority boarding. Seat upgrades after booking might cost between $40 and $100 or more depending on multiple circumstances.
  • Basic Economy
    • Basic Economy is your wingman as it offers one of the most affordable fares but with a dash of adventure. Be prepared for a free seat assignment at check-in, the unexpected way to get seats with United Airlines eventually lets your soul enjoy more with minimal hassle.
  • Premium Cabins
    • These cabins are configured with lie-flat seats that morph into plush beds, gourmet feasts, and ample space to decor their own spirit. Seat selection is included in the fare, however, we suggest contacting the team for more clarification on Hawaiian Airlines Seat Selection Procedures.


You may take advantage of the complimentary services that come with your cabin bookings. Hawaiian Airlines provides a high level of comfort in all of its passenger cabins. Finally, understanding the kind, prices, and procedures, you can make your Hawaiian Airlines seat selection a smooth aspect of your journey. Getting your own piece of heaven needs careful planning. Book early to guarantee your perfect seat with no extra effort. For select flights, you can request an upgrade until the day before departure. Reach your dream attraction with more comfort and start your island-hopping vacation by meeting new people while sharing your travel stories with other tourists.

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