Southwest Airlines Low-fare Calendar

Southwest Airlines Low-fare Calendar

Posted By: Admin 9 Oct, 2023

Southwest Airlines low-fare calendar aims to reward all passengers, particularly those who fly with them regularly. Interestingly, travelers can get a one-way Southwest Airlines ticket for as low as USD39 to stipulated destinations. Further, no flight change or cancellation penalties apply to an air ticket under a Southwest Airlines low fares calendar.

This year’s low-fare calendar will be open from January to 14th-08-2023. Therefore, you should visit Southwest Airlines to book a flight before this promotion ends.

Please read this to understand all the policies under the low-fare calendar for Southwest Airlines.

How to Book a Southwest Low Calendar Reservation?

Below are a few reliable ways of reserving a cheap Southwest air ticket

Call customer service

You’re free to call customer support via their Southwest en espanol telefono to book a cheap ticket. Fortunately, their phone line +1-800-435-9792 is always open 24 hours.

Online Booking

A faster option is to reserve such a Southwest Airlines booking on the airline’s official website. Kindly select the ‘Low-Fare Calendar’ option to start this booking process. Select a multi-city, one-way, or round-trip air ticket option to know the applicable booking fee.

Choose a suitable payment method and type in your destination and point of departure. Usually, you’ll have to select a suitable travel month ,as exact dates don’t apply to the low-fare calendar for Southwest Airlines.

Common Southwest Low-Fare Calendar Policies

Here are some essential policies you must know more about before booking a cheap Southwest Airlines ticket.

  • Various passenger priorities

Southwest Airlines offers irresistible priorities to passengers that purchase these air tickets. For example, you might get priority seating, faster check-in, or an exciting baggage allowance.

  •  Paying for the tickets with Southwest points

Interestingly, the airline allows Southwest Airlines to book a flight low-fare calendar with their points. For this reason, you can fly to your dream destination without paying any booking fees from your pocket.

  • Publishes year-long low-fare calendar

Southwest Airlines publishes the year’s low-fare calendar on its website for its passengers. Therefore, you can book a low-fare Southwest Airlines booking months in advance to save a few dollars.

  • Each month has air tickets of different prices.

A passenger can access any month’s scheduled flights to select the cheapest Southwest air ticket. The system will notify you if the selected day is fully booked to avoid unnecessary inconvenience during your travel day.

  • Booking options

Fascinatingly, Southwest low-fare calendar provides various air ticket options like round-trip and one-way air tickets. For this reason, a traveler can select any option they please, depending on their budget.

The good news is that these round-trip tickets are relatively cheaper than ordinary ones. However, you should note that such bookings cover particular cities, particularly in the United States.

  •  Free baggage allowance

Southwest Airlines allows you to fly with your luggage for free, provided you purchase a low-fare air ticket successfully. However, you must ensure that all your bags meet all the set weight restrictions.

  • Ageless flight credit

Southwest Airlines allows one to use any flight credit to book a future low-fare air ticket. These funds result from a refund made after you cancel a flight or downgrade your Southwest Airlines booking.

How to Search a Southwest Low Fare Calendar 2023?

You can search for this information on Southwest Airlines’ website at a click of a button. Kindly navigate to the low-fare Southwest Airlines section to retrieve these details. After that, key-in essential information, such as departure and the destination cities. You’ll get a list of all the scheduled cheap flights for booking purposes.

Southwest $49 Flights

Low-fare calendar for Southwest Airlines applies to particular flights like from Houston to New Orleans. However, this USD49 promotion strictly applies to one-way air tickets. Southwest Airlines allows you to combine two cheap Southwest Airlines bookings to cover a round air trip.

When Does the Southwest Low-Fare Calendar Begin?

The Southwest Airlines low-fares calendar kicks off during summer to enable you to fly to various destinations for vacation. Therefore, you can select which day to fly and to which vacation destination based on your budget.

Best Days to Fly with Southwest Airlines

Southwest Airlines provides the cheapest Southwest Airlines booking on specific days to woo passengers. Currently, the airline offers a $29 promotion on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Saturday. However, you must contact a registered travel agency to help you capitalize on this airfare promotion.

Examples of Tickets Under the Southwest Low-Fare Calendar 2023

Here is a list of the flights under the Southwest low-fare calendar in 2023.

  •  A passenger can get a ticket for a flight from California Long Beach to Nevada Reno Tahoe for at least USD49.
  • You can purchase an air ticket for a flight from Texas Austin to New Orleans for a minimum of USD49.
  • You’ll only pay USD49 for a direct flight from Chicago-Nashville .
  •  A cheap flight from San Diego to Las Vegas will cost you USD49.
  • A low-fare flight from a city in Phoenix to LA will cost each passenger at least USD49.

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