Southwest Missed Flight Policy

Southwest Missed Flight Policy

Posted By: Admin 7 Oct, 2023

All passengers should know the Southwest missed flight policy to know what to do if they arrive late for their scheduled flight. Unlike other airlines, Southwest Airlines cares about your mental health and peace and thus has a relatively friendly missed flight policy. That means they offer multiple options to you if you  miss your flight for any reason.

What to do with Your Southwest Air Ticket After Missing Your Flight

Don’t stress yourself if you don’t catch your flight on time, as Southwest provides a few options. Here is what you should consider doing with your Southwest Airlines booking.

a)     Contact customer service

Kindly dial Southwest en espanol teléfono (+1-800-435-9792) to notify customer support when you miss your flight. The staff might consider refunding your booking fee or fix you to the next available flight at a specific penalty.

You can also call customer service if you miss a connecting flight for various reasons, including cancellation or personal mistake. However, a fee might apply if you fail to catch the indirect due to a personal mistake.

b)     Cancel your booking

The airline allows you to cancel your air ticket and demand a Southwest missed flight refund. However, this policy will apply if you submit this request at least 10 minutes before the departure time.

Feel free to explain your situation to the customer care agents to persuade them to approve your ticket cancellation request.

c) Book a last minute.air ticket

You can buy a last-minute air ticket, especially if you miss the flight for an unjustifiable reason. However, you must note that such a reservation is relatively expensive.

Must-know Passenger-friendly Southwest Missed Flight Policies

Refundable tickets

A Southwest missed flight refund only applies to refundable air tickets. Therefore, you shouldn’t bother claiming repayment if you purchased a non-refundable Southwest air ticket.

A next of kin can demand repayment if a passenger missed the flight owing to death or a fatal accident.

Reward points

You can earn some Reward points if you cancel a missed flight and book another Southwest Airlines ticket. The airline allows one to redeem such points in the future to reduce applicable air ticket fees.

No show policy

Southwest applies this policy to a customer who doesn’t cancel their tickets online and does not visit the airport. This policy says that such a Southwest missed flight fee is non-refundable: thus you can’t use it to book a future air ticket.

Standby passenger policy

Today, Southwest has this policy that can consider all passengers that miss their flight. However, you must report to an agent at the check-in section shortly after arriving at the airport.

Itinerary flight policy

A customer that arrives at the airport at least 2 hours in advance qualifies for an itinerary flight ticket. The good news is that Southwest Airlines will freely arrange this flight for you.

Manage your new flight.

Southwest will fix you to the next available flight if you notify them you missed your flight in time. Fortunately, you can manage this booking as you please, such as rescheduling it. However, you lose your booking if you equally miss this new flight for any reason.

 Airline error

You can catch the next flight if you miss the Southwest flight due to the airline’s mistake. Examples of such a mistake include security check delays or employee absenteeism. However, you should report the issue to the airline’s representative soonest possible.

That signifies the essence of checking in immediately after you arrive at the airport to absorb yourself of blame.

Southwest Airlines Missed Flight Fee

The airlines charge passengers who miss their flight a reasonable penalty to book another air ticket. However, this fee doesn’t apply if you get-to the airport 120 minutes before departure time.

Further, you must report this matter to the airline’s agent at your earliest convenience. Passengers should cancel their booking online if they’re high chances of missing the scheduled flight.

Failure to do so, the airline’s refund policy doesn’t apply, meaning you lose money.

Southwest Airlines Policies on Missed Connecting Flight

Southwest Airlines sells direct and connecting flights depending on passengers’ destinations. The further the destination, the more connecting flights the airline might add to a single Southwest Airlines booking.

Rebooking a flight

A passenger should consider booking an air ticket if they miss a connecting flight. Southwest Airlines can book this flight for you if a staff member’s error triggers this situation.

Applicable charges

Southwest Airlines wont foot any fees that will apply if you miss the flight due to your fault. However, you should report this to the airline to know whether you deserve a Southwest missed flight refund.

Flight cancellation

Southwest Airlines can cancel a flight for various reasons, like extreme weather conditions or overwhelming traffic volume. However, in such a case, the airline can book a new flight for you at no extra fees.

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