Spirit Airlines Frequent Flyer Program

Spirit Airlines Frequent Flyer Program

Posted By: Admin 28 Nov, 2023

All loyal passengers can join the Spirit frequent flyer program to reap countless exciting benefits like low-cost tickets. This credible post will explain how to join this free traveler’s program and all the advantages that you will enjoy.

Steps for Joining the Spirit Loyalty Program

You can become a Free Spirit member by signing up for this program by clicking the Join Free Spirit option. The system will require the below details to register you for this generous Spirit Airlines loyalty program.

These include:

  •   Country
  •   Surname
  •     Birthdate
  •   Zip Code
  •   Primary Email Address

Next, new members must agree to the Spirit Frequent flyer program’s terms and conditions. The final step is to click the ‘Sign up Now’ to submit your registration to Spirit’s customer service.

How Many Points Do Free Spirit Members Earn?

New and existing Free members can pocket 12 Spirit Airlines points whenever they spend $1 with this airline. On the contrary, Free Gold Spirit members can earn  20 points for each USD 1 they spend with this airline company.

4 Surefire Ways Through Which Free Spirit Members Earn Points

(a) Booking flights

A Free Spirit member can make multiple points for each $1 they spend purchasing a ticket with this company. Interestingly, Free Gold members can make nearly ten (10) times what ordinary members earn from buying genuine Spirit Airlines tickets.

(b) Baggage fees

Secondly, the Spirit loyalty program says that a member can get around 12 pounds for each USD 1 they spend paying for their luggage. Are you a Gold Spirit Airlines frequent flyer?

Here’s some sensational news- such members can make roughly 20 Spirit Airlines points for every U.S. dollar you spend to book space for your travel bags.

(c)  Seat Upgrade

Spirit Airlines charges passengers between USD12 and USD 150 to upgrade their seats. Consequently, a Spirit Airlines frequent flyer can earn meaningful points on each American dollar they spend to buy a better seat.

(d) Free Spirit Credit Card

Any passenger aged 18 years and older can apply for a Free Spirit Credit card to earn some quick points with Spirit Airlines. Kindly get your card today to amass Free Spirit points whenever you purchase items with it.

How to Redeem Your Free Spirit Points?

The Spirit Airlines frequent flyer program guidelines let the members book an air ticket with their points. This is the procedure for redeeming your Spirit points to get a Spirit Airlines flight.

  1. Go to Spirit’s website.
  2.  Click the ‘Flight’ option.
  3. Fill out all the flight details.
  4. Turn on the ‘Show Fares in Points’
  5. Click the ‘Search Flights’

Spirit’s web system will list out all the relevant flights in rewards. Therefore, you can choose the flight that best suits your Free Spirit points balance to save money.

Do Free Spirit Rewards Have an Expiration Date?

Yes, they do! According to the Spirit Airlines loyalty program, members must redeem their Spirit points within a year on this company or any Spirit Airlines partners. Similarly, these points are redeemable if you are still an active Free Spirit member earning new Free Spirit points.

Why You Should Apply for a Free Spirit Airlines MasterCard

Some Free Spirit members don’t know they can earn generous points whenever they use this card to pay service fees with this airline. Today, you can make roughly 3 points for each USD1 you spend with this bank card.

Interestingly, the members can equally earn at least 2 Free Spirit points for each $1 they spend buying groceries online or at the stores.

Can I Book a Spirit Flight with Free points plus Cash?

Yes, you can! Free Spirit members can combine points and money to purchase affordable air tickets. This idea is brilliant as you can use the other amount of money to pay for the baggage or buy Wi-Fi for entertainment during the flight.

How a Saver$ Club Can Help You Save Spirit Airlines Points?

A few Spirit Airlines frequent flyers don’t mind buying this membership for as low as USD 70 to save points. Usually, Save$ Club members spend less Free Spirit points to purchase an awarded air ticket.

What Can I Do if I Forget My Spirit Airlines Frequent Flyer Number?

Free Spirit members should not tense if they forget this information, as they can retrieve it. However, you must visit the Spirit site and locate the ‘Sign In’ link to click the ‘Reset password’ option.

The system will need your email address to send you instructions on how to get your account.

3 Sure Merits of Becoming a Spirit Airlines Frequent Flyer

A)   Helps one earn free points

Interestingly, a Free Spirit member can earn points even when they run personal errands, like purchasing groceries. The flyer will only have to use a Free Spirit Credit card to make good points over a long period.

B)   They can book an award flight.

Secondly, a loyal flyer can book an air ticket for free, provided they have sufficient Spirit Airlines points.

C)  Helps loyal customers earn multiple points fast

All Free Spirit Airlines gold members can bag close to 20 points per dollar each time they spend money on this company.

On the other hand, ordinary members make at least 12 Free Spirit points per USD1.

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