How do I Talk to a Live Person at Easy Jet Airways?

How do I Talk to a Live Person at Easy Jet Airways?

Posted By: Admin 23 Oct, 2023

Would you wish to fly hassle-free to a prestigious city for a holiday? You should contact customer support to talk to a live person at EasyJet Airways. These representatives are reachable 24/7 and can lend a hand in ticket reservation, re-booking, or seat upgrades.

EasyJet’s customer care policy bars the representatives from charging extortionate fees for their services. Therefore, you should plough through this blog to learn how to engage an EasyJet agent directly.

EasyJet Airlines IVR Menu

You can talk to a live person at EasyJet Airways by calling +44-(330)-551-5151. Below is the full (IVR) interactive voice response menu you need to know about.

1)    Press option 1 to fathom out your flight status

2)    Press option 2 to get flight reservation assistance

3)    Press option 3 to inquire about baggage-related policies

4)    Press option 5 to reserve an EasyJet flight

5)    Press option 7 to converse with a live EasyJet representative

6)    Press (*) asterisk for the system to replay all these options afresh

How to Initiate a Live Conversation on EasyJet’s Homepage?

EasyJet provides 24/7 web live support to their passengers in their free time. However, you need to follow these steps for the chat window to crop up.

  • Visit EasyJet’s official website.
  • Go to the bottom menu and click the ‘Help’ link
  • Chat icon will pop up on the bottom-right section of EasyJet’s homepage
  • Tap this icon to enlarge this window
  •  Feel free to type your problem in the chat box.
  • An agent will join you and respond to your query
  • Don’t forget to tap the ‘Cancel’ icon to end the live conversation.

How to Email EasyJet’s Customer Center for Assistance?

Passengers can email the customer center by filling out EasyJet’s contact form on the company’s official website. These are the steps to follow to retrieve this form online:

  •   Visit EasyJet’s homepage and scroll to the bottom menu
  •   Tap the ‘Contact Us’ link
  •   Enter your name, ticket number, and email address
  •   Click a suitable subject from the list
  •   Type your query in the field box.

Alternatively, you can email EasyJet’s customer service at  and attach supporting documents for help. However, customer support takes a longer duration to respond to direct emails.

Can I Talk to a Live EasyJet Agent through Social Media?

Yes, you can! EasyJet is available on well-known social media avenues, like Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook. Here’s how to link up with a live person on standby:

(a)  Facebook

EasyJet has a verified and active Facebook page with 1.8 million followers. Therefore, you can contact customer support by writing your concerns in the comment section. A live person will respond within minutes if you provide all the relevant details.

(b) Instagram

Alternatively, you can talk to a live person at EasyJet Airways through their Instagram account. Similarly, you can inbox the representatives or write your comprehensive query as a comment.

(c)  Twitter (X platform)

X is the best platform for conversing with a live person more confidentially. You should click the message icon adjacent to the ‘Follow’ button. Please start the conversation by typing a new message and attaching the relevant personal documents.

EasyJet’s Airlines Local Phone Numbers

You can contact your local contact EasyJet Airlines customer service number if the HQ number is unreachable. These are the regional phone numbers you should know about:

i. Portugal

You can speak to a live agent in Portugal at 900-(801)-801 between 8:00 a.m. and 8:00 p.m. daily.

ii. Netherlands

On the other hand, passengers in the Netherlands can contact the customer center at 800-(400)-400-4 between 9:00 a.m. and 5:30 p.m.

iii. Spain

Spanish clients and other customers in Spain can call 900-(801)-801 between 8:00 a.m. and 8:00 p.m. from Monday to Friday.

EasyJet Airlines International Phone Number

Unfortunately, EasyJet does not have offices in all the countries they transport their customers. Therefore, international passengers should dial +1-800-201-4576 between 8:00 a.m. and 8:00 p.m. on weekdays.

How to Access EasyJet Airlines’ Contact Form to Contact a Live Person?

Today, you can visit EasyJet’s website and navigate to the regional contacts section. Next, tap the contact form link if the EasyJet Airlines Phone number is too busy. You must fill out details like:

  •   Flight date
  •   Surname
  •   Country phone code
  •   Phone number

You can also tap the ‘Select File’ option to choose a file from your PC or smartphone. After that, you should confirm you’re not a robot to submit this filled contact form to EasyJet Airlines’ customer center.

Can I Ask a Live EasyJet Person to Cancel my Active Air Ticket?

EasyJet representatives can assist in ticket cancellation if it’s still valid. Therefore, contact the live agent through the EasyJet Airlines reservations phone number [+44-(330)-551-5151] to talk to a live EasyJet person.

Please note that the agent will charge you USD60 to USD66 if an assistant cancels the ticket. Conversely, a USD55 to USD60 cancellation fee applies if you nullify the EasyJet ticket on the website.


How quickly can I connect with a live person when calling EasyJet Airways?

Expect prompt connections as the dedicated customer service team is committed to minimize delays to provide swift assistance.

What information should I have before calling EasyJet Airways?

Have your booking reference number with personal credentials ready for efficient assistance.

What is the operational hour for EasyJet Airways customer service number?

EasyJet Airways understands that assistance may be needed at any time. customer service number  is available around the clock. It ensures you can connect with a live person whenever you require them.

What is the offline process for changing a flight reservation with EasyJet Airways?

You may easily change your reservation by calling the customer assistance department at the designated toll-free number or going to the airport counter that is closest to you.

Is there a dedicated line for frequent flyer program members at EasyJet Airways?

Yes. Frequent flyer program members enjoy a dedicated helpline for personalized support. You can be in touch with the experts at chat.

How can I ensure effective communication during a call with EasyJet Airways?

When speaking with Easy Jet Airways’ customer service over the phone, make sure you speak with a specific element, offer pertinent information, and pay close attention to instructions.

What issues can be resolved through a live chat with EasyJet Airways?

You can resolve a range of issues, including booking inquiries, check-in information, and even you can receive real-time updates. 

Is there a specific channel for submitting formal complaints to EasyJet Airways?

Yes. To do this, you simply need to mark your way to the nearest EasyJet Airways office. Communicate with the available agent and solve the issue at your convenience.

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