Turkish Airlines Baggage Policy

Turkish Airlines Baggage Policy

Posted By: Admin 12 Feb, 2024

Grab more with Turkish Airlines Baggage Policy

Light your heart and pack your bags quite comfortably as Turkish Airlines provides passengers with allowances for both carry-on and checked baggage. The airline baggage allowances are determined based on various factors such as ticket class, destination, and frequent flyer status. Turkish Airlines Baggage Policy is a specific regulation applicable to your flight which helps you to avoid any inconvenience or additional charges at the airport. To learn more about baggage allowances, speak to the team, and have a brief look through this blog.

Baggage Allowances and Different Aspects

Passengers are entitled to one or more pieces of checked baggage and one carry-on item, along with a personal item like a laptop bag or purse. However, the weight and size limitations for both carry-on and checked baggage will vary. To familiarize yourself with the requirements, you will need to contact the customer service through +1-800-201-4576.

The baggage allowances for passengers vary depending on their ticket class. Passengers traveling in higher classes like Business or First Class often enjoy larger baggage allowances compared to those in Economy Class. These allowances may include additional weight limits or extra pieces of luggage, providing more flexibility for travelers.

Atlast, you should make sure to pack your items in accordance with the airline’s regulations. You should also be aware of any special baggage rules that apply to your destination. When you know your ticket class and associated baggage benefits, you can make the most of your allowance and avoid any excess baggage fees

Carry-on Baggage 

Turkish Airlines enforces strict restrictions on carry-on baggage to ensure the safety and comfort of all passengers. Continue to learn more

  • Passengers are allowed to carry one personal item and one standard carry-on bag. The maximum size of a bag is 55cm x 40cm x 20cm. All bags must be properly tagged and weighed before boarding
  • The dimensions and weight limits for carry-on baggage may vary adhering to the Turkish baggage policy for carry-on items
  • The maximum weight allowed for a single carry-on item is 8kg. The total combined weight of carry-on items cannot exceed 12kg.
  • Passengers must also meet specific size requirements. Once you cross the limit, restrictions will apply and you may need to carry the carry-on luggage as checked baggage.
  • To protect your interest, the airline has a detailed policy to safeguard your luggage from delays and inconvenience.

Checked Baggage 

For checked baggage, the airline allows passengers to check in two or more bags depending on their ticket type and destination.  The maximum weight of a single checked bag must not exceed 32 kg. According to the Turkish checked baggage policy, the maximum dimensions of a single checked bag must not exceed 158cm. However, if your luggage exceeds the weight or piece limitations, you may incur excess baggage fees. These fees can vary depending on the route and the amount of excess weight, so it’s advisable to pack carefully and weigh your bags before heading to the airport.

Oversized and Overweight Baggage

Traveling with oversized or overweight baggage such as sports equipment or musical instruments requires special consideration and you will need to inform the airline in advance. The Turkish Airlines Baggage Policy states that the airline may impose additional fees for transporting such items as they may require special handling or take up extra space in the cargo hold.

The airline may ask you to pay USD 80 or more as Turkish Airlines Baggage fees for each extra bag. You may carry up to 32 kg each bag depending on fare types and flight routes you hold. Before your flight, always contact the airline and inquire about the specific requirements and fees for transporting oversized or overweight baggage. By doing so, you can ensure that your belongings are transported safely and avoid any surprises at the airport

Special Equipment and Instruments

Turkish Airlines has specific policies in place for transporting sports equipment and musical instruments. While these items are generally allowed on board, additional fees may apply depending on their size and weight. You will need to pay USD 150 or more plus taxes if your musical instrument or special equipment qualifies under the Turkish Airlines Baggage Policy.

Passengers are encouraged to inform the airline in advance about any special baggage items they plan to bring on their journey. It helps the airline to make suitable arrangements beforehand to ensure a hassle-free travel experience. The airline does employ a sequence of systems to avoid any last-minute complications at the airport

What is Turkish Airlines Pet Policy?

When you want to bring your pets on Turkish Airlines, it’s important to know their rules. They care a lot about your pet’s safety and comfort, so there might be special things you need to do, especially depending on how big or what breed your pet is. It’s smart to contact Turkish Airlines early before your trip to get all the details. You will need to present health records and vaccination certificates. The process includes making sure your pet meets their size requirements or having the right paperwork. Being prepared will help make the trip easy for both you and your pet

Special Requirements for Pets

Turkish Airlines permits cats, dogs, and small birds like parakeets and canaries on flights. Pets weighing under 8 kg, including their carrier, can join you in the cabin. However, there are size restrictions for carriers: 23 cm tall, 30 cm wide, and 40 cm long for cabin travel. Pets over 8 kg must travel in the hold; their carrier cannot exceed 75 cm tall, 75 cm wide, and 125 cm long. For more information, contact the customer service team at +1-800-201-4576. Pets can also travel in cargo if necessary


When you have detailed knowledge on the Turkish Airlines Baggage Policy, you get a chance to tackle complexity more wisely. The airline understands the need to carry more and allow passengers to carry numerous bags by paying relevant charges. You don’t have to worry as the airline does offer free baggage allowance to everyone irrespective of the fare type they hold. If you want to save more, you must be entitled to the Miles&Smiles loyalty program which will allow you to earn miles for each flight. These miles can be redeemed for various rewards, including free flights and upgrades. To get more details, contact us and our travel experts will guide you effectively.

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