Turkish Airlines Seat Selection Policy

Turkish Airlines Seat Selection Policy

Posted By: Admin 8 Feb, 2024

Enroll with the Turkish Airlines seat selection program for more comfort and pleasure

Flying with Turkish Airlines offers an array of perks and conveniences. With the Turkish Airlines Seat Selection service, passengers have a right to choose the right seat that significantly enhances their overall flying experience. By exploring with us through this article, you gain a comprehensive understanding of the seat selection process ensuring a smoother and more enjoyable travel experience. Have a conversation with us as we will cover seat selection from booking processes to fees, policies, and valuable tips for securing the perfect spot for your journey.

Why choose Turkish Airlines as your flight companion?

Turkish Airlines is a top global carrier known for its outstanding service. You can fly with them as they offer flight services to a wide range of destinations. Among its many amenities, the option to select your seat is a notable advantage for passengers. The airline ensures convenience by providing complimentary seat selection through the Turkish free seat selection policy. Business Class travelers on both international and domestic routes can freely choose their seats until they complete the check-in process. However, seat selection after check-in may incur charges. The service exemplifies the airline’s commitment to enhancing the overall travel experience for its passengers

What types of seats are available with Turkish Airlines?

Seat selection is a vital part of your travel experience as it enhances your comfort, convenience, and personal preferences. You can choose from different seating options, such as fare class, aircraft, and route of your flight. Continue to learn more


  • In the same format, these are recognized as Basic fares and available on all flight routes.
  • These seats are affordable with minimal legroom and decent width for a comfortable journey.
  • You can select your preferred seat location such as window, aisle, or middle depending on your preference and availability

Extra legroom

  • To enjoy more comfort and convenience, the airline does offer extra legroom seats. These are the seats that are located near the emergency exits, bulkheads, or front rows of the cabin.
  • Through the Turkish Airlines seat selection service, the airline offers more space and comfort for your legs as well as easier access to the aisle and lavatories.
  • In most routes, you do have the option to choose extra legroom with Economy fares. From ensuring extra legroom to accommodating specific needs, seat selection offers a range of advantages that cater to diverse passenger requirements

Business class 

  • Premium seats are available in the business class cabin. These seats offer the highest level of comfort, privacy, and service
  • You have the option to choose fully flat beds, personal screens, power outlets, and amenity kits.
  • Business class tickets will get you access to the exclusive lounge, priority boarding, and gourmet meals that come with a premium experience
  • Passengers can make changes or choose a seat till the time of check-in for free. The availability will decide if you get the desired seat or not

What are the seat selection policies of Turkey’s flag carrier?

  • Turkish Airlines maintains transparent policies regarding seat selection, covering change, cancellation, and upgrade guidelines
  • Passengers can make changes to their selected seats within a specific time frame before flight departure, subject to terms and conditions
  • According to the Turkish Airlines Seat selection policy, limitations will apply to seat changes depending on factors such as fare class
  • The airline offers opportunities for seat upgrades allowing passengers to enhance their travel experience with premium seating options. However, it does attract charges based on factors like flight route, booking class, and seat availability

What are the benefits of Seat Selection with Turkish Airlines?

Customizing your space for personal belongings, such as a laptop, book, or pillow, is facilitated by the Turkish seat selection program. You can get various facilities under the program, learn various benefits through the following points:


  • Choosing a seat based on your comfort and convenience preferences enhances the overall flying experience while providing a more pleasant and relaxing journey
  • You get the freedom to choose all types of seats as per your fare types including the middle seat, near lavatories, or with extra legroom.


  • Tailoring seat selection to personal preferences enhances travel satisfaction through a bulkhead seat for added privacy.
  • Making travel arrangements easier, passengers can opt to sit near companions or enjoy solitude away from other passengers which ensures a more enjoyable journey


  • Turkish Seat Selection service allows you to request special assistance such as a wheelchair, seat belt extension, or accommodation for medical devices
  • Selecting seats near exits, aisles, or the front of the cabin ensures a safe and comfortable flight which will make it easy for passengers to access and exit the aircraft

How to Select Seats with Turkish Airlines?

Navigating the seat selection process with Turkish Airlines is a seamless process with their intuitive booking platforms. Follow the step-by-step guide for securing your preferred seat along with options for special assistance if needed

  • You can book your seats at the time of reservation or the check-in. However, as early as you request, your chances to get your preferred seat increases which develop a sense of relief
  • Booking can be done through the website, mobile app, or by visiting the nearest booking counter. However, if you are willing to get your favorite seat under your budget, simply call us at +1-800-201-4576
  • Our travel experts will assist you and get you the best service under your budget. The agent will share a light on the seat map
  • Choose the best and make payment of Turkish seat selection fees along with other applicable charges

Charges to book your seats

While many airlines charge for seat selection, Turkish Airlines does offer complementary seating options based on booking class. Understanding the associated fees with the seat selection procedure will help you make budget-conscious decisions without compromising on comfort. The airline generally charges up to USD 255 as seat selection fees with other taxes depending on flight routes and fare category. Passengers with flyer membership will get more chances to save on seat charges. Connect with our team to discover more about the Turkish seat selection prices.


Turkish Airlines seat selection offers passengers a multitude of benefits ranging from comfort and convenience to accessibility and customization. The airline stands out from other airlines in providing passengers with a comprehensive seat selection policy while offering passengers the best possible convenience. Despite not having previously selected a seat, Turkish Airlines makes every effort to accommodate your preferences during the check-in process, provided that seats are available. The airline prioritizes accessibility by offering various assistance options for passengers with disabilities.

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