How to Get Military Discount On United Airlines?

How to Get Military Discount On United Airlines?

Posted By: Admin 29 Sep, 2023

Does United Airlines Offer Military Discounts?

United Airlines highly appreciates the services American military officers render to the country. For this reason, they introduced a United Airlines military discount to enable these army officers to travel to any destination at a lower flight fee.

Currently, this discount applies to flights to particular locations like Mexico, Canada, or the United States. Kindly read on to find out more interesting military travel benefits available for you.

United Airlines Military Discount

Today, a retired or active Canadian or US Army officer can enjoy a 5 percent discount on a United Airlines booking. However, this reduction offer applies to all United tickets except Basic Economy bookings.

Please note that this offer does not apply to taxes or other fees imposed on a given United Airlines ticket.Ordinarily, the airline will primarily implement this offer on the arm officer’s flight fee alone.

These enviable discounts apply to the following U.S. officers.

  • United States’ Navy officers
  • United States’ Marine officers

American cadets

  • American Air Force officers

Kindly note that this discount policy only applies to troops that book a United Airlines on its website.

How to Claim United Airlines’ Military Discount?

An army officer must join the Veterans Advantage to qualify to enjoy a United Airlines Military Discount. The airline will need basic details, including your email address and a password. United Airlines will send you a promo code for discounted vacation deals.

You can use this ten-digit code to book your favorite United Airlines flight.

How to Get United Airlines’ Discount Code?

A retired or active military officer should email United Airlines at to ask customer care to send a reduction code to a given destination.

Kindly include a soft copy of your veteran card for customer care to send you this information. The good news is that United Airlines permits such a passenger to submit the code after completing the booking.

Interestingly, some promotion codes can cover hotel bookings or car rentals.

United Airlines’ Pet Discount

Nowadays, a military officer can travel with a pet dog to another destination, provided they’re flying for work-related reasons. Similarly, a military family can fly to another travel destination with a cat for job-related assignments.

United Airlines Military Baggage Discount

Military personnel can claim a United Airlines military baggage discount when flying for an official assignment. However, the airline may charge you a small fee if you have an army dog shipment.

Usually, the airline grants this allowance for a maximum of 5 free checked travel bags. However, each suitcase should not weigh over 100 pounds (45 kilograms).

Conversely, a next-of-kin member enjoys a luggage allowance of 3 bags. Each travel bag must not weigh over 70 pounds.

Advantages of United Airlines’ Military Discount

The following are some impressive merits of claiming a United Airlines Military Discount.

(i) Saves money

A veteran officer can save as much as USD150 for each ticket they book to Canada or the United States. The airline will refund you the discount if you paid the flight fee in full when booking the United flight.

 (ii) Encourages veterans to travel

Veterans receive a monthly pension of roughly USD400 from the American or Canadian government. These officers are free to travel around cheaply as they do not pay complete flight fees like ordinary passengers.

As a result, retired military officers can fly around to particular places, such as American states, to have fun.

(iii) Enables veterans to earn travel award points

Veterans with MileagePlus membership can earn roughly 2 miles for every USD1 they spend on a United Airlines flight.

(iv) Strengthens military families

Discounts for military personnel encourage military officers to fly with their spouses together. Additionally, this policy doesn’t demand army officers to pay any pet fare when they reserve a discounted United Airlines booking.

(v) Low Military budget

Governments also benefit from United Airlines military discounts as they spend less money whenever they fly out troops for official duties. Currently, United Airlines offers price reduction to Canadian or American army officers.

United Airlines Military Benefits for Next-of-Kin

United Airlines also allows military officers’ close members to enjoy this benefit. However, the relative or spouse must enroll in Veterans Advantage to enjoy this travel discount.

United Airlines Benefits for Active Military Officers

Today, the airline encourages troops to join the Special United Club. Active officers can visit the VIP lounge at particular airports to unwind before the next flight. These lounges have diverse amenities, including:

  • Wi-Fi
  •  Bar
  •  Phone booth

The army officer must present their United States or Canadian military I.D. to access these lounges.

FAQs on United Airlines Military Discount

Who qualifies for the United Airlines military discount?

Active duty military personnel, veterans, retirees, and their dependents are eligible. You’ll need to verify your status through a valid ID.

How much can I save with the United Airlines Military Discount program?

The value of the United Airlines Military Discount varies by route and class of travel. It varies from 5% to 10%, and the finest deals can be combined with exclusive promos to result in even bigger savings.

Is it possible to combine this deal with another military discount?

Yes. To get the biggest discounts, mix several specials and mileage points.

Does the military discount apply at the airport?

With the exclusive military discount code, you may make reservations online or at the counter by presenting your military ID.

Which documents must I bring to the airport?

You need a military ID card that is currently valid from the government. Reliability documentation and identification are required for dependents of active duty personnel.

Can I only get the discount if I join a specific program?

No. Upon confirming your military status, the discount will be applied immediately to qualifying reservations.

Where can I find more information about this offer?

Visit the United Airlines website or contact their customer service team at  800-864-8331 for detailed information about the military discount program, eligibility criteria, and potential savings opportunities.

Can I use the discount for international flights?

Yes. The United Airlines military discount is available on maximum international routes. You can collect more information by making proper connections with our travel experts.

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