Volaris Airlines Baggage Policy

Volaris Airlines Baggage Policy

Posted By: Admin 17 Jan, 2024

Save more by Conquering the Volaris Airlines Baggage Provision

Volaris Airlines is known for offering incredible flight services to sun-kissed beaches and vibrant fiestas. However, if you miss your baggage or are willing to carry more luggage you need to understand their baggage provision. Deciphering the Volaris Baggage Policy can feel like navigating a Mayan maze but you never need to encounter such issues as we prepared the baggage term on layman’s terms. Continue to crack the code and ensure your voyage with Volaris takes off without baggage-related bumps.

Master Your Space with Volaris Baggage Allowance

Volaris offers a range of fares each with its own baggage allowance. The airline has its own baggage allowance that caters to diverse travel needs. Let’s explore the Volaris Baggage Policy based on fare categories:

Zero Fares

  • Resembling a minimalist hacienda, the Zero fare includes only a personal item as your travel companion.
  • As per the Volaris new baggage policy, the passenger with this fare can carry one personal item like briefcase, handbag, and laptop bag.
  • Your preferred personal time needs to be placed under the seat in front of you. Many choose it to save their resources while allowing them to enjoy their feast under their budget.

Basic Fares

  • Opting for the Basic fare level adds a carry-on bag to the mix while providing the flexibility to pack for both leisurely sunbathing and lively salsa nights.
  • Basic Fare is one of the economical ways to explore the world while getting you a chance to carry one additional item with you for free.
  • The carry-on items need to be within 55.88 × 40.64 × 25.4 cm in length x width x height. Volaris carry-on baggage policy states that you can only carry one item with you onboard along with your personal item.
  • All the passengers need to understand that the airline will not allow items that exceed the allotted limit. The combined weight of both items (one personal item and carry-on item) need to be within 44 lb.

Plus Fares

  • Unlocking the full spectrum, the Plus fare includes the treasure trove of checked and carry-on luggage which is ideal for those with more extensive packing requirements.
  • With Volaris, each checked bag is like a loyal mule carrying your haul; each passenger is allowed up to five bags.
  • The maximum weight for these devoted creatures is 55 pounds, and the maximum size is 62 inches. Most prices include free checked baggage, however additional bags incur fees that go up with each one.
  • To reduce your weight, go for layers rather than large sweaters and travel-sized toiletries.
  • On some routes, the airline may allow packing cubes, liquids larger than 3 oz have to be relegated to checked luggage to face the watchful eyes of security.

Charges to carry more checked luggage

Preparing for a vacation is akin to gearing up for a marathon. However, overdoing it can dig into your pockets as the airline may charge hefty charges based on size and weight for your checked baggage.

  • Volaris imposes fees of USD 100 or more plus taxes for overweight bags weighing between 51 and 99 lbs.
  • The Volaris checked baggage policy states that passengers may need to pay USD 120 or more for oversized ones ranging from 63 to 80 inches.

If your luggage falls into both categories, be prepared for a double hit. The airline may charge you more as Volaris checked baggage fees if you are visiting the airport and purchasing right at the departure stop. Keep in mind that every pound and inch matters and make strategic use of space to minimize your chances to pay hefty charges.

Special Equipments

Bringing sporting equipment, musical instruments, or other non-standard items requires prior notification and may incur additional fees. The Volaris Baggage Policy specifies that passengers can carry surfboards, guitars, or that bulky telescope for stargazing. Don’t get caught off guard at the counter, check the website for specifics and avoid surprise charges dampening your travel vibe. You can communicate with the baggage team through a dedicated center or using the customer service number +1-800-201-4576. Baggage fees vary depending on the type of item, its size, and the destination. Passengers are responsible for any damage to baggage or its contents. Volaris baggage allowance is subject to change at any time, so be in touch with the team and get the best deals and save more with us.

Ways to book your additional belongings

For all complimentary carry-on and checked luggage, you may not need to book any additional service. However, if you are willing to carry more, be in touch with the customer service team for quick results. Connect with the team through the official website, mobile app, customer service number, or baggage office. Choose the medium and book space for your additional belongings by paying all required charges along with service fees.

Note: Reach the airport in advance and complete the check-in and baggage screening process for more effortless air travel.

How to report missed baggage with Volaris Airlines?

Misplaced luggage can cast a shadow over any trip and eventually get you black from all blues. You don’t need to fear as Volaris Airlines baggage policy has your back. Report missing bags promptly and they will do their best to reunite you with your belongings within 24 hours. Packing essentials in your carry-on can ease the sting of a temporary luggage detour which ensures you have everything you need to hit the ground running when you arrive. You may get the favorable outcome but it may take time for the airline to locate your missed belongings. In case you lost your luggage or your luggage was damaged by the airline, you are entitled for a refund or travel voucher. It solely depends on the airline baggage regulation and types of flights you choose to fly.


Weigh and measure your bags before leaving home as it avoids surprise fees and saves you the hassle of repacking at the airport. Place essentials in your carry-on and distribute weight evenly in checked bags. Label your luggage clearly with your name, contact information, and destination as it makes identifying your bags easier for everyone involved. Be attentive to Volaris Airlines baggage policy to enjoy a more seamless experience. The airline does allow baggage purchase at the airport but it may cost you more so book your additional luggage with us at +1-800-201-4576 in advance and save your resources quite effectively.

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