Volaris Seat Selection

Volaris Seat Selection

Posted By: Admin 28 Jan, 2024

Discover Luxury with the Volaris Airlines Seat Selection Program

As we all know, Volaris Airlines is well-known for its low rates and strong Latin American flair. The airline recognizes that an appealing flight is more than a crown over the kingdom. With the Volaris Airlines seat selection program, the airline aims to provide you with comfort and enjoyment before you arrive at your final destination. It’s about feeling empowered, in control, and ready for the journey ahead. Volaris provides a flexible and open seat selection policy that determines your preferences.

Seat Selection with Volaris: Lets You Be Above the Standard

Volaris offers seat selection options that go beyond the standard dilemma. You can beat the heat with more comfort and savings with the selection process. Volaris Seat Selection policy applies to all types of bookings and it is best for a solo traveler seeking sunshine, a family prioritizing love, or a business professional requiring extra legroom. The airline has a seat that caters to your desires which allows you to enjoy the cloud at your pace.

What types of seats are available to elevate your experience with Volaris?

Recognizing that each individual has unique preferences for seating services, the airline tailors its approach to better assist passengers by promoting a variety of seating options across multiple tiers.

Standard Seats 

For budget-conscious travelers, the standard seats provide a comfortable and affordable choice. It is treated as an Economy cabin seat by Volaris which gives you flexibility while retaining more on booking charges. These seats are designed to offer ample legroom and the convenience of reclining to ensure a pleasant flight experience for explorers.

More Space Seats (only available on a set of air fleet)

It is best for passengers who are mindful of their budget but wish to have a larger space as compared to standard ones.  Elevate your comfort with the More Space seats as it is a perfect option for those who value extra legroom over a congested space. 

Front Row Seats

Make additional personal space by opting for the front-row seats. It offers a premium experience and allows you to be among the first to disembark. These seats offer a swift exit from the aircraft. It is best suited for passengers who are looking to experience panoramic views and appreciate a sense of urgency in their explorations.

Volaris Plus

Elevate your journey with Volaris Plus as it offers you priority boarding, wider recliners, and complimentary beverages on all eligible routes. These seats are great for maximizing comfort and convenience.

Volaris Select

Enjoy the pleasure of more legroom to guarantee a comfortable and stress-free travel. The adjustable headrests add to your comfort and allow you to adapt your seating posture for optimal relaxation. Before you even board your flight, immerse yourself in a world of peace and luxury in these lounges dedicated exclusively to passengers traveling with Volaris Select fare. 

Other Considerations

Volaris recognizes that every traveler has unique needs. The airline prioritizes accessibility and offers dedicated seats and services for passengers with disabilities. Contact the Volaris customer service team at +1-800-201-4576 for personalized assistance and ensure a seamless journey regardless of fare type you hold. Traveling with little ones can be a juggling act but with Volaris, you enjoy multiple convenient options like pre-boarding and together seat facility.

How to grab exclusive deals and take more benefits from seat provision?

Beyond seat selection, Volaris provides additional ways to enhance your travel experience. You can opt for the Volaris Go subscription service which offers exclusive benefits like discounted fares, priority boarding, and seat selection. Ideal for frequent flyers who value convenience and savings. With Volaris Rewards, you can earn points with every flight and redeem them for exciting rewards including seat upgrades and free flights.

How To Select and Book Seats on Volaris Airlines after reservation? 

With Volaris, the power to personalize your travel experience extends to your seating arrangements. It empowers you to enjoy a journey tailored to your preferences every step of the way. Here’s how you can exercise your freedom of choice:


  • Visit the check-in counter.
  • Share your booking credentials.
  • Tick all the relevant boxes.
  • Proceed to the next step by selecting your flight.
  • Review prompts and select your desired seat.
  • Pay all applicable charges through available modes.
  • At last, print the boarding pass with the seat set number.

Customer Service Number

  • Seat configuration can be done by dialing +1 855 VOLARIS (8652747)  or+1-800-201-4576.
  • Select the service and connect with the team.
  • Request the team to book tickets on your behalf.
  • The agent will share information on available seats.
  • Choose one as per your preferences and budget.

Manage Reservation

  • By logging in to “My Booking” on the Volaris website or mobile app, you can easily modify your reservation and select your seat.
  • Review the terms and follow the on-screen command to reserve your preferred seat quite comfortably.
  • Pay for seat selection, you may need to pay more if you add seats near the departure date.
  • The Volaris Airlines Seat Selection fees will be calculated based on the ticket type you hold and your departure and arrival city.
  • In the end, you will secure your new booking credentials on your registered IDs.


Volaris continues to prioritize passenger choice. While the check-in process represents a final opportunity to choose your seat, it’s significant to go for pre-selection seat service. The Volaris Airlines Seat Selection Program ensures optimal seating arrangements. Depending solely on check-in may result in limited options if you have specific needs or preferences. By proactively choosing your seat earlier in the booking process, you can avoid potential dark clouds and enjoy a more tailored journey.

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