WestJet Seat Selection Policy

WestJet Seat Selection Policy

Posted By: Admin 22 Feb, 2024

WestJet Seat Selection Service: Helping millions to achieve comfort

When it comes to air travel, comfort is a key to seamless air travel. One airline that prioritizes passenger comfort above all is WestJet Airlines. They are offering a user-friendly seat selection process that allows passengers to enjoy an ambiance full of spirit. Travelers who are looking to enhance their in-flight experience must go for a seat upgrade or choose the most suitable seat based on their budget and comfort level.

Why Seat Selection at WestJet is the best way to get comfort?

The journey to a comfortable flight begins with the seat selection process. WestJet Airlines provides passengers with the flexibility to choose their seats during the booking process or at a later time by paying applicable charges. The WestJet Seat Selection Service allows travelers to tailor their seating preferences based on factors such as proximity to the aisle or window. Most seats can be chosen, even on the day of departure. However, a few seats might be set aside for WestJet Rewards members or made available for an extra fee. Passengers must check the availability of specific seats if they have particular preferences in mind by contacting the WestJet customer service agent at +1-800-201-4576.

What seating options are available with WestJet Airlines?

    • Extra Legroom Seats are best for those seeking a bit more space during their journey. These seats are located in exit rows or at the front of the cabin, these seats offer enhanced comfort and can be selected during the booking process or as part of the seat selection phase.
    • Window Seats are considered the best seats on the plane as they provide the best views. They are also the most comfortable as they offer the widest legroom.
    • Standard Seats are best for travelers who are looking to fly in the cloud without making higher purchases. These seats are available at no additional cost on most available flight routes. However, these seats are assigned by the airline automatically so it lessens your chance to get the desired seat.
    • Aisle seats are preferred by passengers who need to stretch their legs during the flight. These seats are one of the preferred ones as they are near restrooms and offer more functionality.
  • Special Considerations
    • WestJet is committed to providing a comfortable flying experience for all passengers, including those with special needs or accessibility requirements.
    • Travelers requiring assistance or special accommodations are encouraged to inform the airline at the time of booking or contact customer service for personalized support during the seat selection process.

How to book a preferred seat with WestJet Airlines?

During the booking process or through the Manage Trips section, passengers can specify their seat preferences anytime. However, you need to ensure that every traveler can secure a seat that enhances their overall flying experience, so, contacting the airline in advance increases your chances of getting the desired seat. It is advantageous for families with children or groups of friends embarking on a shared travel experience. To reserve your seats:

  • Dial +1-800-201-4576 and contact the dedicated team to submit the WestJet Seat Selection Service form on your behalf.
  • Submit passenger credentials and request the team to get you a desired seating option.
  • The agent will review your request and book those requested seats if available.
  • Make payment through suitable modes and receive confirmation on your registered IDs.

What is WestJet Airlines Seat Maps Configuration? 

Understanding how the seats are arranged on the plane can greatly aid passengers in making wise choices. WestJet furnishes detailed seat maps that allow travelers the opportunity to visualize the seating arrangement. The WestJet Airlines Seat Map empowers travel enthusiasts like you to select seats that align perfectly with your preferences and requirements. The WestJet seat selection policy is designed to accommodate a diverse range of passenger preferences. No matter what you desire, the seat selection service has it all. The seat selection service fulfills your desire for scenic views from a window seat, easy access to the restroom through an aisle seat, or a seat near the front of the cabin for quick disembarkation.

How much does the airline charge for making seat arrangements?

WestJet aims to ensure that every journey is as comfortable and enjoyable as possible. For those looking to make the most of their seat selection, understanding the basics, exploring premium options, and taking advantage of the flexibility provided can significantly enhance the overall travel experience. While standard seat selection is often complimentary, passengers opting for premium seats or those with extra legroom may incur additional charges. The WestJet Airlines seat selection fees vary based on factors such as the flight route, fare type, and the specific location of the chosen seat. You may need to pay up to USD 150 per seat with other taxes depending on your fare type and flight routes.

How to make seat changes with WestJet? 

Recognizing that travel plans may need adjustments, the airline provides passengers with the flexibility to modify their selected seats at any time before their flight, as long as the desired seats are available. The WestJet Airlines seat selection process is conveniently accessible through multiple channels, however, the best way is to reach out to the customer service team at +1-800-201-4576. Those traveling with family or friends can book under the group reservation scheme as it ensures that companions can enjoy the journey seated together. Communicate with our team and we will help you to get the best and most economical seating options with WestJet Airlines.


The WestJet seat selection policy is designed to cater to diverse preferences and ensure a smooth and comfortable journey for all. While seat selection allows passengers to choose their seats in advance, some travelers may opt for automatic seat assignment, where seats are assigned by the airline at check-in for no additional or minimal charge. For further information or assistance, passengers can contact the airline directly or make a proper connection to our team of experts.

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