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Aeromexico Airlines Flight Change Policies

Aeromexico Airlines’ total number of passengers has been increasing significantly since 2022. We can attribute this business success to the countless favorable travel policies, including the Delta Airlines cancellation policy.

This blog will enlighten you further on these client-friendly policies.

Aeromexico Airlines 24-Hour Flight Change Policy

One can change flight Aeromexico for free, provided they do so within 24 hours after purchasing it. However, you should be ready to take care of the fare difference, especially if you book a more high-priced Aeromexico air ticket.

How to Change a Legitimate Aeromexico Airlines Booking?

How will I change my Flight Aeromexico? Well, here are the top ways of implementing Aeromexico changes.

1.    Aeromexico site

A passenger can visit Aeromexico to change or cancel their flight more conveniently. After that, you need to click the ‘Change’ button on the top-right web section. Kindly provide the following details to modify your valid Aeromexico Airlines ticket.

(i)            Surname

(ii)          Flight ticket number

2.    Call Aeromexico Airlines’ customer

Aeromexico Airlines has several regional offices for travelers to get timely and efficient customer support. Therefore, you can dial your respective Aeromexico contact to authorize an agent to modify your airline booking.

Here are the top call centers at your service:

  1.   Chile-+56-800-392-674
  2.   China-+86-326-476-281
  3.   Colombia-+57-800-952-0533
  4.   France-+33-800-916-754
  5.   Japan-+81-570-783-057
  6.   Mexico-+52-5133-4000

Feel free to visit the contact section to know your regional call center number.

3.    Talk to a customer support agent on social media.

Aeromexico Airlines is available on several social media platforms, like Facebook and Twitter. Here are the direct links to the airline’s verified social media pages.

Aeromexico Airlines Flight Change Penalty

The airline charges relatively reasonable Aeromexico change fees for some air tickets. However, this penalty strictly applies to Aeromexico Airlines’ air tickets that travelers fail to modify within 24 hours.

The airline charges a maximum Aeromexico change fee of USD300. One can pay this fee from their pocket or allow the airline to deduct this penalty from the ticket fee. Fascinatingly, Aeromexico customer support doesn’t levy this penalty on Basic air tickets.

Aeromexico Airlines’ Flight Change Date Policy

A passenger can modify their Aeromexico Airlines to a future date for various personal reasons. However, you must be willing to pay a flight change fee, provided you seek this air ticket modification after the set window.

On the bright side, a fare difference charge might not apply  if you reserve a ticket that’s weeks or months away.

Aeromexico Airlines’ Booking Change Policy on Flexible Tickets

Aeromexico sells flexible and non-flexible air bookings to all its travelers. Aeromexico flight change policy on the former dictates that you can cancel a flexible Aeromexico ticket at no penalty.

Interestingly, customers can book a different flight or modify their previous destination for free. However, they must have some money in their MasterCard or Visa card to clear the applicable flight fee difference.

Aeromexico Airlines’ Air Ticket Change Policy on Non-flexible Bookings

Aeromexico sells more restrictive air tickets that are cheaper but attract hefty fees when one modifies or cancels them. Therefore, you can change the booking provided it’s still valid but must be ready to foot a particular service charge.

The precise flight change fee amount depends on factors like fare type and booking amount.

New Aeromexico Flight Change Restrictions

Passengers should take note of Aeromexico Airlines’ flight change limitations. They include:

  • One must modify their flight  180 minutes (3 hours) before the scheduled departure time.
  • No flight change penalty applies for Aeromexico flight fares
  •  A passenger cannot change a Basic air ticket
  • Aeromexico flight change charge applies on particular tickets like ASM-PLUS, Classic Flex, and Premier Flex.
  • Taxes might apply whenever each passenger changes a valid Aeromexico Airlines booking.

Aeromexico Changed My Flight-What Options Should I Explore?

Aeromexico Airlines reserves the right to change travelers’ bookings on various grounds, like bad weather or another natural calamity. The management might alter or nullify the Aeromexico tickets.

Therefore, passengers won’t incur flight change fees as the decision was beyond their control. However, the airline must notify all travelers on time to avoid further inconveniences.

Another option is to request a full refund to book an alternative Aeromexico flight.

How to Avoid Aeromexico Airlines’ Hefty Flight Change Fees?

Aeromexico Airlines usually subtracts a maximum flight modification fee of USD300 on each booking a traveler changes. Ordinarily, the airline deducts this fee in the currency the passenger used during flight booking.

Fortunately, passengers with comprehensive travel insurance don’t have to worry about these service charges. The respective traveler’s insurance company covers penalties plus taxes to make your travels less costly.

Aeromexico Flight Change Fee for Mexicans

Aeromexico charges relatively low flight change fees for travelers changing domestic tickets. For instance, you will only pay roughly $60 if you modify the booking at most a week before the departure date.

Conversely, you will strictly cough up $40 as a penalty if you modify your Aeromexico flight more than a week before the flight date.