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Alaska Airlines provides the most cost-efficient ways of altering a legitimate Alaska Airlines booking. Therefore, you can manage your ticket if an emergency pops-up days before your travel date. Did you know that you can change your flight on Alaska’s webpage?

That’s not the only option, as the Alaska Airlines change flight policy offers several offline options. This write-up will guide you on changing your name or flight date.

Common Alaska Airlines Air Ticket Change Options

These are the top options that the Alaska Airlines change flight policy suggests:

I) Webpage flight change

Here are some steps to consider:

  •  Visit Alaska webpage
  • Tap the ‘’Upcoming Trips’’
  • Log in to your flight using your ticket number and last name
  • Tap the ‘’Change this Trip’’ link
  • Change your travel dates or travel class.
  • Tap the ‘Continue’ button
  • Select a suitable flight

Alaska Airlines’ support will send you a confirmation email containing the new flight’s details.

II) Call the Alaska Airlines hotline service.

Don’t dither to call +1-206-244-0751 to ask a service agent to manage your reservation for free. You’re fortunate as this helpline is active 24 hours daily to offer emergency flight-related assistance.

Don’t worry if you’re outside the United States, as Alaska Airlines provides multiple international phone lines. Therefore, you can visit the contacts page to see which phone number to dial to seek flight change help.

III)  Alaska Airlines mobile App

Interestingly, the Alaska Airlines flight change policy gives you the freedom to alter your booking on its mobile App. You can download the app version compatible with your smartphone to manage your Alaska Airlines ticket to your preference.

IV) Phone your travel Agent.

Alaska Airlines flight change rules do not apply to third-party flights. For this reason, you must reach your travel agency to alter such an Alaska Airlines booking.

How to Change an Alaska Airlines Group Reservation

Alaska Airlines considers any reservation with more than ten passengers a group booking. Unfortunately, you can’t manage such an air ticket on the Alaska webpage. The only option you can try is to contact the Alaska service center for assistance.

Alaska Airlines Same-day Flight Change Policy

This policy supports Alaska Airlines change flight within 24 hours after purchasing the air ticket. However, a small service fee of USD50 may apply, especially if you hold a Basic Economy Alaska Airlines booking.

New Alaska Airlines Change Flight Policies 2023

These are some intriguing Alaska Airlines flight change policies that this company updated.

  • Any Alaska Airlines bought from the airline is eligible for online change if it’s unexpired.
  • You can change an Alaska Airlines flight provided you added less than seven people to it during online booking.
  • You can only change your Alaska Airlines booking if nobody has confirmed it on your behalf.
  • You can’t change your flight booking if you’d added a pet.
  • All Alaska Saver fares are non-changeable.

Alaska Airlines Name Change Restrictions

Take it easy if you mistyped your name when booking your Alaska Airlines booking on the airline’s webpage. Fortunately, you can correct your child’s misspelling error on the homepage for free to avoid issues with the airport officials.

Adults can also change their names provided they do so the same day they purchase their Alaska Airlines booking. Please note that the agents might want supporting evidence to correct this error.

Alaska Airlines Flight Change Fees

The good news is that the Alaska Airlines flight change rules waive the change fee for First class and main class fares. Therefore, such passengers can modify their reservations at their convenience, provided they do so before the flight.

However, they must understand that government taxes and fare differences might apply to some Alaska Airlines flights.

Alaska Airlines Flight Date Change Restrictions

Please make the most of the Alaska Airlines change flight date policy to select a friendlier travel day. However, you must remember that customer support will deduct a non-refundable fee of USD125 to alter your travel dates.

Further, this policy dictates that a traveler must change this detail at least 60 days in advance. You should have some money in your debit or credit card as a rational fare difference can apply.

Alaska Airlines Ticket Cancellation Policy

Unfortunately, Alaska prohibits changing Saver fares under any circumstance for undisclosed reasons. Therefore, the travelers should explore the Alaska Airlines cancellation policy to get a 50 percent refund.

Conversely, you will get back part of your miles if you booked your economy fare with miles. However, this will only happen if you cancel the air ticket before your flight date.

How to Change an Award Alaska Airlines Flight

Thank goodness you can modify your award flight on the airline’s webpage effortlessly. These are the steps you need to observe:

  •   Visit the Mileage Plan homepage
  •   Log in to your account with your password and user ID
  •   Tap the ‘’My Trips’’ option
  •   Choose the flight to change
  •   Locate the free flight change button and click it
  •   Choose an alternative Alaska Airlines flight
  •   Pay the applicable flight change fee
  •   Print the new boarding pass