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Southwest Airlines understands that you may need to change your flight time, destination, or fare type for some reason. Given this, the airline offers definitive ways of modifying your Southwest Airlines booking. For example, you can go to its webpage and follow some straightforward steps to change the air ticket and select a new flight.

Is that all? Technically, the airline provides other ways of managing a Southwest Airlines reservation. This blog aims to educate you on these flight change policies and restrictions to help you make an enlightened decision.

Steps for Changing a Southwest Airlines Booking

The following are some proven ways of changing a Southwest Airlines booking.

(i) Online flight change

Here’s some good news- you can alter your flight on the Southwest webpage in your free time. You must visit the website and go to the ‘’Change Flight Reservation’’ section to log in to your booking.

Please enter your forename, last name and ticket number before tapping the ”Continue” button to trigger the subsequent steps.

(ii) Call the Southwest Service Number

Feel free to call the Southwest Airlines phone number to change flight before the stipulated window closes. The representative will request for your air ticket number, full name, and travel destination to change your Southwest Airlines flight.

(iii) Change on the Southwest Airlines Mobile App

As luck would have it, you can change your Southwest Airlines booking on the airline’s latest mobile app. You must locate your flight before clicking the ”Change Flight” button to complete this process successfully.

Additionally, you should select an alternative flight for the system to swap your Southwest Airlines flight.

(iv) Go to your nearby Southwest Airlines office.

Southwest Airlines has offices in various international airports and major cities to assist their clients in getting free ticket management services.Therefore, you can visit any Southwest office to ask a representative to alter your flight date or time.

Southwest Airlines 24-Hour Flight Change Policy

Southwest Airlines’ change flight policy accommodates passengers who alter their air tickets within the same day. However, this process will only go through if you get an alternative flight to swap.

Further, you must also check in the new flight immediately after selecting it. Also, you should print the boarding pass to get clearance from the relevant airport official to embark the airplane.

Southwest Airlines Same-day Flight Change Policy

This company has a good Southwest Airlines same-day flight change policy that can help you swap your flight if there’s an available seat. Therefore, you must visit the Southwest webpage to confirm if there’s a scheduled standby flight.

One should choose a flight whose available seat is in the same cabin class to end this ticket management process. Similarly, the alternative flight should have the same origin and arrival cities.

How to Change a Southwest Airlines Group Ticket?

Unfortunately, all Southwest Airlines group flights are non-refundable and non-changeable. Therefore, customer service won’t allow you to change such a reservation no matter what.

However, you can cancel it and request customer care to let you use the booking fee to purchase a future group Southwest Airlines booking.

Southwest Airlines Change Flight Date Rules

Technically, you can leverage the Southwest Airlines change flight date to manage your air ticket. However, the policy expects you to change this at least 14 days before your flight. Fortunately, the support staff won’t deduct a service charge to process your flight date change request.

Southwest Airlines Flight Change Fee

Surprisingly, this carrier does not charge a Southwest Airlines change flight fee, provided you comply with all the rules to the latter. Failure to do so, the customer service agent will turn down your request.

Passengers are fortunate as Southwest Airlines does not charge them to correct a name typing error. However, you must correct this mistake hours before your flight lest you might affect other passengers.

Please get that you might have to foot additional charges like taxes and fare differences. A standby Southwest flight can attract a relatively high fee, especially if only a few seats are available.

Southwest Airlines Standby Flight Policy

You can claim the Southwest Airlines change flight date policy to book a standby flight to the same destination. However, the airline will strictly swap your flight if a seat becomes available because of reasons such as flight cancellation.

Does Southwest Airlines Limit How Many Times You Can Change a Flight?

Fortunately, Southwest Airlines’ change flight policy isn’t intrusive as it allows you to alter your ticket as often as necessary. However, you should know that you must pay the fare difference whenever you change a Southwest flight.