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No other airline takes good care of its passengers than United Airlines through its customer-focused policies. For example, the management provides diverse ways of modifying a valid United Airlines ticket.

Do you want to know them? Well, feel free to peruse this write-up to learn more.

How to Change an Approved United Airlines Ticket?

I  Online flight change

The simplest way to modify your flight is to visit United Airlines and navigate to the ‘My Trips’ section. After that, click the ‘Change Flight’ option to retrieve the ‘Edit’ option. Please ensure you know your destination and travel dates.

After that, remove and add an alternative United Airlines flight and follow the instructions. You’ll have to pay a flight difference even if the airline waives a flight change fee.

II Contact customer support

Alternatively, the airline permits you to reach United Airlines’ customer care at +1-800-864-8331. This helpline is available for any customer 24 hours for convenience.

Feel at liberty to call it to request a support representative to change United Airlines’ flight for you.

III  Chat with an agent on social media.

United Airlines is reachable on platforms like Facebook, X, and Instagram. You can start a live chat with a representative at your convenience. The following are the social media links to United Airlines’ verified pages.

United Airlines Flight Change Policy at the Airport?

Today, United Airlines has a customer center on most airports they have partnered with over time. Therefore, a passenger can report there to request the agent to modify their United Airlines flight.

The representative will demand a service fee to alter your United Airlines ticket booking. However, the airline only accepts flight modifications at least 3 hours before departure.

United Airlines Flight Change Policy on Pets

United Airlines allows passengers to add a pet to their air ticket at a fee of USD125 for each way. Therefore, the same flight change policies apply to service animals. Feel free to ask the agent to update the flight for you and your pet.

However, you will only pay a service fee for the passenger alone. Please note that you should submit your request multiple hours before for customer support to approve it.

United Airlines 24-Hour Flight Change Policy

Customers can change valid United Airlines reservations for free within this duration. The relevant department will process all these requests and update your flight change. Once this period elapses, United customer care will demand a sensible service charge.

Unfortunately, the airline doesn’t accept  flight change requests for Basic Economy tickets. However, you’re free to revoke your United Airlines booking to get a full refund.

United Airlines Flight Change Fees

The airline does not levy a United Airlines flight change fee for Basic Economy and most local air tickets. Similarly, the management does not charge any service fee for United Airlines flights within the United States, or between Mexico and the U.S.

Although you won’t have to pay a service fee, you must be ready to pay a fare difference. Ordinarily, a one-way international United Airlines ticket attracts a change fee of USD 99.90.

Contrarily, a roundtrip United Airlines international ticket will cost you roughly $200.

United Airlines Basic-Economy Flight Change Policy

United Airlines Basic Economy change flight policy does not allow any flight changes for these reservations. Therefore, such a passenger cannot modify a United Basic Economy ticket.

United Airlines Name Change Policy

United Airlines’ name change policy authorizes clients to re-edit their name on the United Airlines website. However, you must be willing to pay USD75 for the airline to modify these details.

Further, United customer service might demand legal evidence, such as your ID, to update this information.A passenger shouldn’t sit pretty until your name appears on the ‘Secure Flight Passenger’ web section.

United Airlines Change Flight Date or Time

Passengers can capitalize on United Airlines’ change flight date policy to modify their reservation. Kindly know that customer support might expect a particular service fee to update your United flight booking.

United Airlines Award Ticket Flight Change

Passengers with this ticket do not pay a dime, provided they’re to travel within the United States. Similarly, no flight change will apply for travelers whose flight will begin from an airport within the U.S.

United Airlines Flight Change Policy due to COVID-19

United Airlines’ change flight policy dictates that passengers can change their flight date due to COVID-related reasons. In this situation the airline will not deduct a flight modification service charge.

United Airlines Standard Economy Flight Change Policy

You can modify a Standard Economy United flight on the airline’s  website. Customer service won’t subtract any service fee if you change your booking within 24 hours of booking.

Conversely, the airline will demand at least USD99 to alter your booking if you change it after this duration. The carrier will ask for the fee for passengers who’d want to upgrade their booking to first-class United Airlines booking.