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Explore more convenience with the WestJet Flight Change Policy

Changing travel plans can be tricky but WestJet makes it easier with its flight change provision. You can adjust your flight up to two hours before it leaves. The WestJet Change Flight Policy allows you to change the date, time, cabin, or departure and arrival city by paying applicable fees. You can do this online, on the app, or by calling on WestJet customer service number. Just remember, you might have to pay a fee with fare differences depending on your ticket. The change flight provision gives you more control over your plans, so you can deal with any unexpected changes in your travel. Be with us to discover more about various flight change provisions by WestJet Airlines in layman’s terms. 

What makes WestJet Change Flight rules better than the competition?

  • WestJet stands out by permanently removing change fees for Premium and Business fares on all major routes. However, you will need to pay fare differences and in some instances, you may need to pay WestJet Change Flight fees with other taxes.
  • No change fees are charged for flights within the United States, you need to make changes within 24 hours of booking and the departure date is seven or more days away. For international flights, fees are waived for changes within 24 hours of booking and the departure date is 14 days away. 
  • Going beyond the industry standard, the airline does allow a risk-free change period even with Econo and EconoFlex fares. The airline has reduced change fees while offering passengers more flexibility compared to many other airlines.
  • The same-day change option is offered for Premium and Business fares at a nominal fee. This reflects WestJet’s dedication to delivering a customer-friendly and flexible travel experience, setting it apart as a distinctive feature.

Benefits offered under Change Flight Policy by WestJet For Travelers

The WestJet Change Flight policy helps to reduce uncertainty for travelers and encourages flexibility with their travel plans. Through this policy, the airline aims to make travel more accessible and accommodate unexpected changes with minimal financial implications. Travelers derive advantages from the ease of altering their plans up to two hours before departure, thereby granting them greater control and mitigating their stress levels. The potential for savings is substantial and choosing a higher fare class or utilizing WestJet reward points can help avoid or reduce change fees. Additionally, making changes with the Westjet customer service change flight team may provide travelers with the opportunity to take advantage of promotional fares or flights that are otherwise unavailable. Making changes with our team can also help travelers avoid crowded airports and long waits.

Special Considerations

If you miss your flight with WestJet Airlines, it doesn’t mean you lose your entire ticket value. The airline has procedures for such situations where changes are requested due to uncontrollable factors. You can either rebook your flight or address the issue through specific options like refunds provided by the airline. For this, you must contact the airline quickly to explore your choices and avoid any disruptions to your travel plans.  Always familiarize yourself with the WestJet Airlines change policy for better understanding. WestJet Airlines aims to provide the best possible customer service. Therefore, their change provision is designed to be as flexible as possible. Make sure to contact them over the phone via +1-800-201-4576 as soon as possible to explore your options. 

How to Initiate Changes WestJet Airlines?

WestJet Airlines emphasis on flexibility and evident in its fare structures and options. The airline tries to resonate with travelers by allowing changes from different methods. Changes can be done via the website, mobile app, customer service desk, or any Westjet change flight phone number based on your region. Let’s explore all available options one by one.

Via online platforms

  • Start by visiting the WestJet website or app to see if there are any fees for changing your flight.
  • Look for flights that match your new date, time, or destination preferences.
  • Log in to your account and find the option to Manage my trip.
  • Select the journey using booking credentials such as reservation code with the passenger’s family name.
  • Tap on the change tap and make the necessary changes to your scheduled journey.
  • When you’re satisfied with the changes, please confirm the changes to receive an email with the updated details and a receipt for your records.

Via offline platforms

  • Connect with the customer service team through desk and phone number +1-800-201-4576
  • Reach the team and make sure to understand any rules or limits mentioned in the WestJet change flight policy before initiating changes.
  • Before finalizing the changes, take a moment to review and confirm the updated information, including passengers and payment method, and ensure to double-check any associated fees.
  • The agent will perform all required actions on your behalf and request you to make the required payment. 
  • For those contemplating changes to their WestJet flights, they will need to pay applicable charges along with change fees based on fare type, flight routes, and type of changes they make. 


The airline emerges as a leader in the airline industry by offering unparalleled flexibility and benefits for travelers. Through the WestJet Flight Change Policy, the airline allows changes up to two to three hours before departure and minimizes the uncertainties associated with travel. The airline does allow changes  up to 24 hours before departure for an additional fee depending on fare types they hold. For some routes, the airline also offers a 24-hour cancellation policy with no penalty. For additional details, feel free to reach out to the customer service team as they are empowering you to plan your trips confidently.