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Delta Airlines’ wheelchair assistance policy allows travelers to request several travel services during the flight. This travel policy applies to travelers with a disability like the blind  and the crippled to help them access their respective airplane. Delta Airlines has several airport attendants that can help disabled travelers access their planes.

Kindly pay attention as we discuss this new travel policy in more detail.

Delta Airlines Wheelchair Assistance Policy

A passenger with special needs can request wheelchair assistance online to enjoy a smooth trip. The good news is that this airline doesn’t charge an additional fee for these services.

Similarly, this policy allows passengers to travel with their wheelchairs to any destination. However, the client must call the Delta Airlines wheelchair assistance phone number to alert the airline before.

Travelers must know that this policy demands that they request these travel services a week in advance.

Clients must know that onboard wheelchair assistance applies to aircraft with a capacity of 50 people and over. Therefore, the traveler must call +1-404-209-3434 for notification and booking help.

How to Request Delta Airlines Wheelchair Assistance

The following are surefire options for asking for professional Delta Airlines wheelchair assistance.

A)   Delta website

A traveler can visit the Delta official website and navigate the ‘My Trips section. You’ll need to submit fundamental details like:

  • First name
  • Confirmation number
  • Surname
  • Flight date

B)   Dial customer support

Fortunately, Delta Airlines offers round-the-clock customer support to all passengers that need it. Therefore, a passenger can call Delta’s official number to appeal for these services. The agent will want to know more about your Delta Airlines flight booking to notify the relevant department.

C)  Delta App

A traveler can also fill-out this service request form on the Delta Airlines mobile App. This form is accessible under the ‘My Trips’ section. Similarly, the passenger must submit vital information, including:

  • Contact details
  • Full names
  • Booking number
  • Flight details
  • Departure date

Top Forms of Delta Airlines Wheelchair Assistance

Here are the popular wheelchair-related services a traveler can ask for in advance.

  1.  Airport navigation services

A physically disabled passenger can request a Delta staff member to wheel them around. The representative can help the traveler move from one terminal to the international section.

Further, the customer care agent will also help the traveler go through the screening and check-in process.

  1.  Boarding Help

The airport staff will also help the traveler to board the plane after checking in successfully.

III.    Baggage screening

Delta must screen all travel bags before allowing the traveler to embark-on the plane. The assistant will help the airport staff to check all the items in the suitcase.

IV.  Flight connection

Delta also offers wheelchair assistance at the airport to deserving passengers that are connecting to another flight. The representative will meet the traveler at the arrival terminal before taking them to the next departure terminal.

V.  Check-in

All passengers, including those with special needs must undergo thorough screening for safety reasons. For this reason, a representative will wheel the client as they go through the ticket confirmation office.

VI.  Seat location

Passengers with a special walking disability usually sit on the aisle seats next to the pathway. Therefore, an airline assistant will help you identify your aisle seat based on its assigned number.

VII.  Lavatory accessing services

Delta has multiple onboard wheelchairs for passengers with walking disabilities. The airline has multiple assistants who can help such a traveler access the restroom during the flight.

viii. Baggage assistance

Delta understands that special passengers cannot carry their luggage from one airport terminal to another. Given this, a Delta representative can help to drag the suitcase to the departing airport terminal.

Interestingly, Delta won’t charge an additional fee to render these services to the clients.

ix. Free assistive device

Delta Airlines provides a wheelchair to special travelers to help them navigate the airport. Nowadays, the airline offers automatic assistive devices so that an assistant doesn’t have to push them around.

Instead, they can direct them as they carry the luggage to the correct departing airport terminal.

Delta Airlines Wheelchair Assistance Fee

No Delta wheelchair assistance cost applies to passengers with a physical disability. Similarly, the airline doesn’t charge the passengers to carry assistive devices such as a wheelchair scooter.

However, one must inform customer support on its official website to enjoy full Delta Airlines wheelchair assistance.