American Airlines Seat Selection

American Airlines Seat Selection

Posted By: Admin 20 Nov, 2023

All passengers, including Basic Economy ticket holders, can leverage American Airlines’ seat selection policy to choose a suitable location. Fortunately, the airline does not charge some travelers an additional fee to pick a seat before their AA flight.

This blog will explain the blow-by-blow process of selecting an American Airlines seat.

How to Select Your Seat During American Airlines Flight Booking?

i. Online seat selection

You can consider American Airlines seat selection online to search for an available slot and pick the best seat before other passengers. Feel free to follow the following American Airlines seat selection steps.

(a)  Visit AA

(b)  Next, navigate to the Main Cabin Extra section

(c)   Scroll down to the ‘’Book Your Seat’’ section

(d)  You can click the ”Change Your Seat” if you picked a different plane seat.

ii. Contact American Airlines Customer Care

American Airlines flight seat selection policy lets you dial the AA international phone number for free seat selection services. Fortunately, customers can dial this 24 hours at their convenience to talk to a live customer support representative.

Please provide your ticket booking number, surname, and travel destination for the agent to assist you in selecting a preferred seat.

iii. Walk to the Closest AA Regional Office

American Airlines has several local offices in states like Ohio, New York, and Texas. For this reason, you can visit your nearest regional office to request quick American Airlines seat selection online.

American Airlines Seat Selection Fee

How much is seat selection on American Airlines? Usually, the American Airlines selection fee depends on the type of ticket you select. For example, Economy-class AA ticket holders can choose a seat for free.

Conversely, a passenger who chooses a main cabin AA flight can hand-pick another seat for as low as USD10 to USD22. Fortunately, AAdvantage Elite members are free to ask for preferred airline seats.

This complimentary seat access can help you select an airplane seat with reasonable legroom.

Strict American Airlines Seat Selection Rules 2023

Kindly take note of the below seat selection policies.

  • American Airlines seat selection fees are largely non-refundable.
  • Passengers who purchase an American Airlines flight with miles can enjoy preferred seat selection.
  • Travelers must submit their booking reference and surname to select an airplane seat online.
  • Domestic and international travelers can select a plane seat, especially if they pay an applicable seat change fee.
  • Clients can only pay the seat selection fee when completing the American Airlines booking.
  • Active AAdvantage members can use their miles to clear the American Airlines seat selection fee.

Can a Traveler Use AAdvantage Miles to Pay the American Airlines Seat Selection Fee?

Thankfully, AA allows AAdvantage Elite members to use their miles to select a seat. You must understand that the applicable miles depend on the location of the plane seat in the cabin.Thus, you will require more miles to reserve a first or a business class seat than for Basic Economy seats.

Refund Policy for American Airlines Seat Selection

A passenger can demand a refund after canceling an American Airlines flight booking. Remember that AA can charge you a small seat selection fee, especially if you don’t hold a Basic Economy AA reservation.

However, you should understand that this service fee is only refundable if you upgrade your travel class. In such a case, you will also have to pay more money, as first or business-class AA tickets are relatively costly.

Similarly, this American Airlines seat selection fee is refundable to passengers who revoke the ticket in a day (24 hours). Therefore, you must rescind your booking within this generous period, lest you lose money.

Finally, you can get a refund after American Airlines cancels or delays your flight booking for whichever reason.

American Airlines Free Seat Selection

Luckily, the airline does not charge Basic Economy AA passengers an American Airlines seat selection fee. However, only AAdvantage members enjoy this special privilege if your flight originates from the United States, Canada, or Europe.

Can American Airlines Group Booking Members Select a Seat?

Yes, they can! American Airlines can allow some AA group members to choose a separate seat before their flight. However, the group leader has to contact American Airlines customer support to ask for these services online.


1. Does American Airlines Charge for Seat Selection?

Yes, they do! American Airlines charges Main Cabin AA ticket holders between $10 to $22 to help them enjoy preferred seating. Usually, you must clear this American Airlines seat selection fee when booking your ticket online.

2. How Do I Pick My Seats on American Airlines?

American Airlines seat policy gives you various ways of selecting a suitable airplane seat. For instance, you can visit AA in your free time or call the American Airlines customer center for free seat selection.

You must let the representative know your cabin class, ticket booking reference number, and surname.

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