Spirit Airlines Lost and Found Policy

Spirit Airlines Lost and Found Policy

Posted By: Admin 21 Nov, 2023

This company thoughtfully planned the Spirit Airlines lost and found policy to take care of passengers whose baggage is lost, delayed, or missing. For example, it highlights the timeline during which the luggage department recovers and delivers the travel bags.

We always advise customers to report this problem fast for the team to swing into action instantaneously.

How to Create a Spirit Baggage Claim Online in 2023?

A customer can create a Spirit baggage claim online for free, provided you can provide the mandatory information. Please navigate to the bag claim section to submit your surname and file ID to log in to your account.

Further, the representative also needs you to attach your passport and other essential documents. The last step is to tap the ‘Submit’ for Spirit’s baggage department to get your luggage claim.

Does Spirit Airlines Have a Lost and Found Baggage Hotline?

Yes, they do! Customers can converse with a representative through the Spirit Airlines lost and found phone number. You can call +1-855-728-3555 or +1-855-728-3555 to report this problem and share vital information.

Can I Report About My Lost Luggage via SMS?

Yes, you can! You can request baggage tracking services through their SMS line 48763. Alternatively, text these assistants through the team’s WhatsApp page {+1-855-728-3555.

When Does the Spirit Lost and Found Baggage Open?

Spirit Airlines baggage office opens from 5:00 to 11:00 p.m. from Sunday to Sunday each week. Therefore, you can contact this office during these hours at +1-888-689-224-7 to inquire about your damaged, missing, or lost suitcase.

What’s the Current Spirit Compensation Amount for Lost Luggage?

Spirit lost and found policy dictates that the payable amount relies on the type of ticket one purchased. For example, passengers with a local Spirit ticket are entitled to a maximum compensation of $3,800.

On the other hand, an international Spirit ticket can draw a minimum compensation of about $9 for each pound of checked baggage. For example, you will get about USD 360 if you lose a 40-pound suitcase.

Can I Report About my Lost Suitcase if It Was Unchecked?

Yes, you can! The lost and found Spirit Airlines policy lets all passengers report missing suitcases on the company’s website. Please locate the Lost and Found page and select the ‘unchecked’ option when filling out the lost baggage report.

Reporting About Lost Baggage at Spirit Airlines Terminals

Please visit the airport’s lost and found terminal once you realize your baggage is missing, lost, or delayed. You should present your passport and describe your suitcase and its contents.

Typically, Spirit Airlines needs between 21 and 30 days to search for it and inform you. After that, the Spirit baggage team will have no choice but to process compensation.

How Will I Know When Spirit’s Baggage Recovery Team Finds My Suitcase?

You don’t have to keep calling the Spirit lost baggage phone number to know whether they’ve found your suitcase. The team will email or call you once they recover your luggage. The employee must verify if you’re the actual owner before they deliver it to you.

5 New International Spirit Airlines Lost and Found Phone Numbers

i Colombia

Are you in Bogota or Cali and have to report about your missing travel bag? Cool off, as Spirit Airlines has an office at the Alfonso Bonilla and Aeropuerto International El Nuevo Dorado Airports.

ii Mexico

Spirit Airlines has a baggage office at the Cancun International Airport, so customers can call +1-998-886-0977 if necessary.

iii Jamaica

Spirit opened a luggage terminal at the Donald Sangster International Airport to resolve passenger-related issues.

iv Peru

Travelers in Peru can reach the Spirit’s baggage department through 511-517-2537 if their baggage is missing or lost.

v Charleston, West Virginia

Fortunately, Spirit Airlines has a terminal at Yeager Airport to help passengers get luggage-related services. Therefore, you can reach this office at 304-341-0400, especially if you lost your travel bags.

Vital Information to Surrender for Quick Spirit Airlines Lost Baggage Recovery

The Spirit lost and found department requires specific details to help customers recover their travel bags. These include:

i  Possible location of lost travel bags

The airport official needs suggestions of the possible places you might have lost your suitcase. This information is essential for the recovery team to recover the luggage within the shortest time possible.

Research shows that many passengers lose their bags at the lounges, security checkpoints, and within the airport premises.

ii Ticket number

Secondly, the officials need the traveler to provide their Spirit ticket number and surname to initiate the luggage recovery process.

iii Origin City

Spirit Airlines’s baggage team also expects the passengers to let them know where they flew from so that they can find the bags for them. This information is crucial to help the team contact their counterparts at the other location to search for the bags.

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