ANA Airlines Seat Selection Policy

ANA Airlines Seat Selection Policy

Posted By: Admin 2 Jan, 2024

Find the hidden luxury with ANA Airlines Seat Selection service

Seat selection plays a major role in deciding the comfort level of passengers. The ANA Airlines Seat Selection service is calling to individuals looking for the height of luxury in the sky. For those who are prepared to spend more, it’s an enticing alternative with more legroom, priority boarding, and improved facilities. Continue to discover more about the service in layman’s terms.

Seat Selection Regulation by ANA Airlines

  • You can modify your seat selection online up to 24 hours before departure. ANA Airlines Seat Selection Fees may apply based on fare types, flight category, destination, time of request, availability, and mode of request.
  • Economy tickets offer a budget-friendly journey while providing a dash of comfort without breaking the bank. This cost-effective affair allows you to enjoy a comfortable journey while getting you a chance to explore extra legroom, complimentary in-flight entertainment, and a variety of refreshments.
  • Premium tickets enable you with a variety of options to decide from. You can find the perfect seat for your travel needs. On some specific routes, the airline may allow you to decide the best seat without adding anything to your booking account.
  • The ANA Airlines Seat Selection regulation does apply to all routes and flight types. So, whenever you need to, you can easily upgrade your pleasure by opting for the best seat configuration available.

Types of seats on ANA Airlines flights

The airline offers an interactive seat map that lets you play the throne-selection game. To decide your preferred seat, you need to have an idea about the type of seats available. Seat Selection Service on ANA Airlines gives you a win-win situation by allowing you to extend your legs without disrupting your seatmates.

  • Passengers may take advantage of unmatched vistas and the ease of flying above the clouds when they book a window seat.
  • On some specific flights, you get the chance to enjoy flatbed seats that give you a source of pleasure and enhance your resting position.
  • My Choice seat option lets you pick from a selection of non-preferred seats at a lower fee. It may not enhance comfort but gets you a decent spot without pressuring your financial instinct.
  • Standard Plus seats get you a chance to upgrade your window game with guaranteed panoramic expression. The option costs a bit more than a standard seat but allows you more freedom, comfort, and luxury.

Benefits to opting for the Seat Selection service of ANA Airlines

The seat arrangement contributes to a more inclusive and accommodating travel environment. Let’s explore other benefits through the discussed points:

  • Personalized comfort is at the forefront when opting for the ANA Airlines Seat Selection service. The option allows you to tailor your journey for optimal comfort by providing the flexibility to choose between aisle, window, or extra legroom seats.
  • For those traveling with companions, the seat selection service ensures that your group and family sit together. Proactively selecting seats in advance will enhance your chances to facilitate a shared travel experience with your loved ones.
  • For passengers with special requirements, the Seat Selection service by ANA Airlines provides a means to communicate specific preferences in advance. It ensures better accommodation for individuals with a disability or those traveling with infants.

Charges to secure preferred seat with ANA

In contrast, ANA Airlines Seat Selection offers more options than just a seat assignment. This is your chance to make your flying experience uniquely your own, embracing comfort and reaching new heights in the process. The ANA Seat Selection service will cost you between USD 25 and USD 75 plus taxes, depending on the kind of seat you select. While seats with more legroom start at USD 50 plus additional fees, window and aisle seats cost USD 25 plus taxes.

The ANA Airlines Seat Selection fees may increase depending on the nation you are flying to or the length of time after your departure. The opportunity to secure your preferred seat improves by miles the earlier you request it.  To prevent any last-minute headaches, it is preferable to reserve your seat in advance. You may save money and guarantee your preferred seat by making a reservation in advance.


Seize the opportunity to get the best out of the ANA Airlines Seat Selection service. It allows you to enhance the freedom, comfort, pleasure, and luxury before you start your adventure. Take advantage of this opportunity and book your seat with our travel experts now. You deserve the best travel experience and ANA Airlines Seat Selection allows you to have it. Book now and secure your seat by contacting experts at +1-800-201-4576. With the ANA Seat Selection service, you have unrestricted movement around the aircraft while seated in an aisle seat. Compared to other seats, you have unrestricted mobility and easy access to the restrooms.


Can I change my seat selection after booking?

ANA Airlines allows you to modify your seat selection even after booking. Speak to our agents and feel free to adapt to your changing preferences.

How do I ensure my family sits together?

Book early by contacting our reservation team at 000 800 100 9274 or +1-800-201-4576. ANA recommends securing your seats together at the time of booking to ensure a stress-free family journey.

Is seat selection free on ANA Airlines?

Standard seats come with a nominal fee, however, with premium fare types, you can secure a complimentary seat selection.

How to get a preferred seat with ANA?

Early birds get the best chance to secure their desired seat. Contact our travel experts to secure your preferred seat when the window opens.

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