JetBlue Seat Selection Policy

JetBlue Seat Selection Policy

Posted By: Admin 2 Dec, 2023

Do you have aerophobia? If yes, you would not want a window seat, as it might trigger a panic attack. Thank heavens, the JetBlue seat selection policy allows passengers to choose an unsold seat at a meager fee.

JetBlue Airlines Automatic Seat Assignment

Interestingly, the JetBlue seat assignment policy lets the reservation center assistants allocate passengers’ seats to customers. However, this policy targets passengers who don’t select seats during online JetBlue ticket reservations.

You can upgrade to a fancier seat later at the updated JetBlue seat selection fee.

What’s the Recommended Online JetBlue Seat Selection Procedure?

Below is a step-by-step breakdown of this online seat selection process.

  1. i)   Launch JetBlue Airlines site
  2. ii)   Access your pending flight

iii)   Locate the JetBlue seat map

  1. iv)   Choose a seat before checking out

JetBlue will email you the selected seat and boarding pass once you finish this procedure.

JetBlue Airlines Seat Map

Always check out the JetBlue seating chart during online seat selection to reserve a seat at the best position. It displays the visual location of all the seats on the given airplane for stress-free seat selection.

JetBlue Airlines numbers each seat with rows and columns for uniqueness to simplify seat location when boarding the aircraft. However, the general layout of the airplanes can differ as JetBlue Airlines owns various types of aircraft.

JetBlue Airlines Seat Selection Fee

Customer care charges a JetBlue seat selection fee of USD100 to USD200 if you dislike the seat the executives assigned you. TrueBlue members can earn some points when they pay this small service charge.

JetBlue Core Seats

Each airplane features these JetBlue seats in the economy cabin for all ordinary customers. Fortunately, these seats are available for all economy JetBlue customers for free.

JetBlue Airlines allocates these passenger seats arbitrarily when a customer purchases the ticket online or offline.

JetBlue Seating Options

Have you seen the JetBlue seat map? This airline offers three seating options to willing passengers for free or at a small fee of USD 100 and up. For example, you can get Premium, Even More Space, and Economy JetBlue Airlines seats.

Free Blue Basic Seat Selection

Surprisingly, you can choose a different seat at no charge if you do so at most 24 hours before your flight. Better still, you can splurge a minimum fee of USD 100 to select a seat with JetBlue Airlines.

These days, passengers rarely get an extra blue basic seat, as the economy class has the highest number of customers.

JetBlue Airlines Extra Seat Selection Policy

As highlighted in the Blue extra seats policy, you can reserve an open seat next to you during your flight. Firstly, you can create this selection by adding two passengers if you fly alone.

Please use your first name to reserve the first seat and your surname for the extra passenger’s seat. Lastly, an SSR message is mandatory for customer care to book an open seat for anyone.

JetBlue Airlines Extra Seat Rules 2023

Passengers must book the seats under a similar fare option for customer support to clear them for boarding. Understandably, JetBlue can only allow one to book an extra seat if it’s unsold a few days before the day of travel.

You can choose an airplane seat in front or behind you in your cabin class if it is available. JetBlue Airlines introduced this guideline to accommodate you if another passenger booked your adjacent seat.

Lastly, JetBlue Airlines sets the same seat selection fee for these airplane seats.

Refund Policy for JetBlue Airlines Seat Selection Fee

Unfortunately, this fee is non-refundable, particularly if you purchase an economy JetBlue Airlines ticket. However, JetBlue might consider your repayment request if you cancel your ticket for ungovernable reasons.

Can Customer Care Help in JetBlue Seat Selection?

Yes, they can! JetBlue Airlines has multiple international phone numbers to help you chat with the ticketing team. Therefore, you should visit JetBlue’s Contact Us web section to find your local phone number.

Please use +1-(800)-538-2583 for JetBlue Airways seat selection if you will travel from America.

Updated JetBlue Airlines Seat Selection Restrictions

JetBlue seat selection policy bars minors from selecting a seat on their unaccompanied flights. A passenger must use GDS to reserve an Even More Space or Mint Studio seat. The seats can be a window, aisle, or middle in many economy classes like economy and business.

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