Delta Airlines Group Travel

Delta Airlines Group Travel

Posted By: Admin 19 Sep, 2023

Delta Airlines allows passengers to fly together as a family or workmates for corporate or vacation. The good news is that each Delta Airlines group travel warrants a few stunning benefits to all the group members.

Kindly read further to know all the group travel policies that you must register to have peaceful travel.

How to Book a Delta Airlines Group Travel?

Below are some proven ways of booking a Delta airlines group travel.

  1. a)  Fill out a group travel form on the website.

Nowadays, you can complete this form to finish your Delta Airlines group travel booking promptly. Here are the steps to follow.

(i)                  Visit Delta Airlines

(ii)                Scroll down and click the Delta Airlines Group Travel Form

(iii)              Select an agency or company and click the Continue button

(iv)              Fill-out essential details such as:

  •         Group travel type
  •         City
  •         Province
  •         Country

(v)                Click the Continue option

Kindly follow all the simple on-screen instructions until you complete Delta group travel booking.

Usually, this booking option works best for passengers within Canada or the United States.

  1. b)  Call customer support

Alternatively, you can contact the customer service phone number to request an agent to book a Delta Airline group travel flight. Feel free to reach the customer care helpdesk at +1-800-532-4777. Kindly register that customer service is reachable during the weekdays.

Therefore, you should call the Delta group desk phone number between 8 o’clock to 8:00 pm for booking assistance. 

Essential Delta Airlines Group Travel Policies

Delta Airlines has some enticing group booking policies that you leverage. They include:

  • Each group must comprise a minimum of 10 travelers
  • The group leader must submit the group travel form in advance before the set departure date
  • All the group members must travel together
  • Each traveling group enjoys an irresistible Delta group travel discount
  • The group leader must confirm the names of all the group members before submission
  • All group member names must appear in the flight details for smooth travel through the airport(s).
  • Booking duration varies depending on the destination
  • Group members can rectify their names before the travel date.

Delta Airlines Group Travel Booking Timeline

You must reserve your Delta group reservation within the following time frame based on your destination of choice.


Passengers must book their group travel flights at least 331 days before the set travel date. Compliance is essential to ensure your ticket is refundable to prevent potential loss of money.


You must fill-out the Delta group travel request form 240 days before the scheduled travel date. This policy applies to all destinations in Asia-Pacific regions: China, Malaysia, and Japan.


Group travel Delta Airlines requires passengers to book such a reservation at least seven months before departure. This policy applies to flights that end in countries like Haiti, the Bahamas, and the Dominican Republic.

Middle East

Passengers must book the flight 331 days in advance to enjoy unprecedented group discounts as they travel together.


Groups can fly together to European destinations, including the UK, Denmark and France. However, you should complete the booking at least 331 days before the flight day.

Benefits of Booking Delta Airlines Group Travel Flights

Delta Airlines encourages its customers to book these flights to capitalize on the below Delta group travel advantages.

a)     Travel discounts

Delta Airlines offers a mind-blowing ticket fee deduction of nearly USD250 for each group air ticket. However, all the passengers must meet the eligibility criteria to enjoy this benefit. For example, none of the group members should be under 18 years.

b)     Convenience

The group travel policy requires all the members to fly together on the same plane. For this reason, families or workmates can travel more conveniently to whichever destination they choose.

c)     Late Name Change

Delta Airlines allows a group leader to edit any group member’s name before departure day. The airline understands that one might mistype a name when filling-out the group travel request form.

However, in this case, you’ll need to call +1-800-532-4777 during shift hours to get free name correction services.

d)     Free Cancellation

Delta Airlines can cancel a Delta Airlines group travel ticket at no charges, provided such a flight meets all the policies. However, you must notify customer support at least 24-48 hours before flight time.

FAQs on Delta Airlines Group Travel

How many passengers constitute a group for air travel with Delta Airlines?

Nine or more individuals traveling together on the same itinerary qualify as a group for booking purposes on Delta Airlines.

How can I speak to a live person at Delta Airline?

To reach a live person at Delta Air, you can dial their customer service number. It’s advisable to check the official Delta Air website for the most accurate and up-to-date contact information.

How can I change my flight with Delta Airlines?

To change your flight with Delta Airlines, you can utilize their online platform via their official website or mobile app. Alternatively, you can contact Delta Airlines’ customer service to assist you with the flight change process.

Where can I learn more about the Group travel offer?

Visit the United Airlines website or contact their customer service team at 800-221-1212 for detailed information about group booking and potential savings opportunities.

Can group travel arrangements be made on their website or mobile app?

You can submit a group travel request with specific needs and preferences using the Delta Airlines online form on their website and mobile app.

What happens if a group member needs to change their flight plans?

Delta provides flexibility; you can alter the planned tickets by paying the applicable fees. The charges are required and will be determined based on the ticket class and the time of the change; additional costs can be incurred.

Can seat assignments be pre-arranged for the entire group?

Delta allows group bookings to request pre-assigned seating for an additional fee. So, you and your family can sit together comfortably throughout the journey.

Does Delta Airlines offer special services for groups?

Delta offers services like meal preordering, extra legroom seating, and special assistance. Some services are also offered as complimentary. 

Where can I find comprehensive information about Delta’s group travel offerings?

The specialized group travel department of Delta will help and offer comprehensive details regarding the procedure, advantages, and accessible choices. For immediate assistance, give us a call at 800-221-1212, and one of our travel consultants can help you with any inquiries you may have about group travel on Delta Airlines.

What are the key advantages of booking group travel with Delta?

Discounted fares, flexible booking policies, a dedicated group coordinator to assist with planning and logistics, and priority boarding are some of the perks that make group travel with Delta Airlines.

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