Delta Airlines Unaccompanied Minor

Delta Airlines Unaccompanied Minor

Posted By: Admin 20 Sep, 2023

Delta Airlines is a highly admired passenger and cargo carrier that prioritizes passengers’ safety. Fortunately, it adopts multiple policies that target travelers of different age brackets. For instance, the Delta Airlines unaccompanied minor policy bars children under four years from traveling alone. Therefore, an adult such as an older sibling, a parent, or a guardian must accompany such a child.

Top Delta Airlines Unaccompanied Minor Policies

Delta airlines unaccompanied minor policies vary depending on the child’s age. Here are the restrictions in detail.

Children aged five years and below

Delta Airlines booking policy forbids children below 60 months from flying unaccompanied to any destination. For this reason, a parent shouldn’t lie about their kid’s age to avoid legal prosecution.

 Children between 5 and 7 years

Any child under can travel by themselves, provided the flight is direct. The child must carry supporting documents to prove their age during check-in before boarding the plane.

 Minors between 8 and 14 years

A parent can call the Delta Airlines unaccompanied minor phone number to book a direct or a stopover flight for a child of this age group. Usually, such a traveler can strictly connect to specific airlines like KLM, Delta, and Air France.

 Children between 15 and 17 years

A parent can reserve a direct or indirect Delta Airlines booking for a child of this age bracket. However, the minor must have written permission from their guardian or a parent to fly alone. Additionally these passengers are free to travel as ordinary travelers, provided they hold an identification card (ID).

Finally, all minors must sit closer to the rear airplane section to be within a flight attendant’s vision. However, a child between 15 to 17 years can sit elsewhere like other standard passengers.

Delta Airlines Unaccompanied Minor Booking Fee

A parent must pay a Delta Airlines unaccompanied minor fee of USD150 for their underage traveler. Kindly note that this booking applies to all children under 18 years.

The good news is that a parent can include up to 4 siblings under this travel program. Further, this fee can apply for one-way or round-trip Delta Airlines booking.

Delta Airlines Solo Minor Traveler Drop-off and Pick-up Policy

An authorized person, like a sibling or caregiver can pick up a child at the airport upon arrival. However, you must possess a valid identification card and the parent’s permission to pick up the child. An airline staff will demand to see the written parental permit bearing their official signature.

Delta Airlines doesn’t release any minors to a stranger for any reason. The person should report to Delta Airlines before walking away with the underage traveler. Additionally, the person must arrive at the airport at least 2 hours before the minor lands.

The parent or the guardian must be reachable on the phone, for the airport to confirm the identity of the intended pick-up person. Delta Airlines is determined to fight against child trafficking, especially by strangers masquerading as minor pickup persons.

The guardian seeing off the solo underage passenger must linger on until the flight takes off safely.

How to Book a Delta Airlines Unaccompanied Minor Reservation

Here are the only ways of booking an air ticket for an unaccompanied minor on Delta Airlines.

Call customer support

A client should dial +1-800-325-8847 to ask an agent to help them to book a child that meets the age of an unaccompanied minor on Delta Airlines. Similarly, they should call this contact to ask the representative to add Delta Airlines’ unaccompanied baggage to their reservation.

Visit Delta Airlines offices.

Delta Airlines has multiple regional offices with sufficient customer care agents to serve the passengers. For this reason, a parent can visit any office closest to them to request to book a Delta Airlines unaccompanied minor air ticket.

Delta Airlines doesn’t support online booking for minor travelers to verify a few details. For example, the airline must verify the guardianship of the underage traveler.

Delta Unaccompanied Minor Boarding Procedure

Delta Airlines’ unaccompanied minor policy dictates that underage travelers board the airplane before the adults. Additionally, flight attendants must introduce the minors to their colleagues and direct them to their seats.

Further, the attendant must familiarize the minor with fundamental safety guidelines. The airline requires one employee to watch over all the underage travelers during the flight to ensure they’re comfortable.


FAQs on Delta Airlines Unaccompanied Minor Service

What is Delta Airlines’ wheelchair assistance policy?

Delta Airlines provides comprehensive wheelchair assistance for passengers with mobility challenges or disabilities.

How can I speak to a live person at Delta Airline?

To reach a live person at Delta Air, you can dial their customer service number. It’s advisable to check the official Delta Air website for the most accurate and up-to-date contact information.

How young can my child be to fly alone with Delta?

Domestic flights allow unaccompanied minors as young as 5 years old, while international flights require them to be between 5 and 11 years old. However, they need to travel with valid documents and IDs.

How much does Delta Airlines charge for unaccompanied minor service?

The fee is $150 per direction for domestic and international flights. It may not cover personalized care and supervision throughout the journey.

What documents are needed for my child’s solo adventure?

A completed Delta unaccompanied minor form, a government-issued photo ID, a copy of the child’s birth certificate, and passport IDs are essential.

Can my child bring snacks and drinks on board?

Pre-packaged snacks and drinks are allowed on specific routes. You may consider packing reusable water bottles to stay hydrated.

Are electronic devices permitted for entertainment?

Tablets, laptops, and headphones are allowed based on flight routes. Young travelers may use Wi-Fi by paying additional fees on some flights.

What if my child needs to use the restroom during the flight?

Delta staff will be available to assist your child with transferring to an accessible lavatory or provide a portable commode if necessary.

Who picks up my child at their destination airport?

The authorized adult listed on the form must show a valid ID and be present at the designated meeting area. You will need to mention the name of the person in advance.

What if I have additional questions or concerns about unaccompanied minor travel?

Don’t hesitate to contact Delta customer service at 1 800-221-1212. The team will address specific concerns and ensure a stress-free travel experience for your child.

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