Southwest Airlines $49 Flights

Southwest Airlines $49 Flights

Posted By: Admin 25 Nov, 2023

Southwest Airlines now sells air tickets to interested passengers for as low as USD49. Generally, the company launched these pocket-friendly tickets in 2023 to cover one-way trips to popular destinations within the United States. Therefore, you can book two separate tickets, as a round-trip Southwest Airlines booking is much costlier.

Please browse through this explanatory article to read more about Southwest Airlines’ $49 flights.

Southwest Airlines Low-fare Calendar 2023

These days, passengers can utilize the Southwest low-fare calendar to locate cheap flights. Fortunately, this new tool lets one search for Southwest’s $49 flights by month. This is the quickest procedure to get this cheap ticket.

  •   Visit Southwest website
  •   Locate the low-fare calendar
  •   Select a flight type of your choice
  •   Enter your departure and arrival city
  •   Enter the depart and expected return month
  •   Select total passengers
  •   Tap the ‘Search’ button

8 Popular Destinations to Visit with Southwest Airlines $49 Flights

Below is a list of the most esteemed Southwest Airlines $49 destinations.

(i) Atlanta, GA

Relax if you’d like to Visit Atlanta from Louisville, as you only need Southwest Airlines’ $49 fare to visit this destination. Typically, this Southwest Airlines booking will cover one-way to any place within Atlanta, US.

(ii) Nashville, TN

Are you currently in Atlanta, Georgia? Please grab a USD 49 ticket with Southwest Airlines to fly to Nashville, Tennessee. You can purchase another USD 49 ticket to cover your fare back to your city of origin.

(iii) Fort Myers, Florida

Today, you can count on the Southwest Airlines low-fare calendar to acquire a $49 flight to Fort Myers from Orlando, Florida.

(iv) Buffalo

Fortunately, passengers can get fares for as low as $49 to travel from Orlando, Florida, to Buffalo. Therefore, a round-trip reservation to this destination can cost between USD79 and USD 115.

(v) West Palm Beach

Would you like to see the Palm Beam Zoo or visit Lion Country? Don’t be troubled if you are in Baltimore, as you can leverage Southwest’s deals for as low as $49 for a one-way flight.

(vi) Tampa Bay, FL

New Yorkers are fortunate, as they can locate Southwest Airlines’ $49 flights to Tampa Bay, Florida. Similarly, travelers in Tampa Bay can also visit the Southwest website to reserve a cheap air ticket to Long Island, New York.

(vii) New Orleans, Louisiana

Are you planning to visit New Orleans? Here’s some good news-Southwest Airlines’ $49 ticket also covers origin cities, such as Austin, Texas. Therefore, you should open the Southwest app to buy an air ticket before they run out.

(viii) Las Vegas, Nevada

Gamblers can’t wait to visit Las Vegas to stake high and hopefully win big. Chill out if you’re contemplating touring this beautiful city from San Diego, CA, on a small budget. You only need USD 49 to reserve a Southwest Airlines ticket.

When Are Southwest Airlines $49 Flights Available?

Passengers can book Southwest Airlines $49 flights from 31st January to 17th May on their website. Alternatively, you must contact Southwest representatives within these dates to reserve your ticket.

Unfortunately, the company excluded flights to popular destinations, like Puerto Rico and San Juan, from all the Southwest Airlines $49 deals.

Do Cheap Southwest Airlines Tickets Cover Hotel Bookings?

Yes, they do! Some Southwest Airlines low-fare deals may cover accommodation and car rental. However, you can only enjoy this if you purchase a vacation package. Understandably, no Southwest USD 49 flight can include hotel booking fees.

Are $49 Flights Available on the Southwest Airlines Mobile App?

Yes, they are! Passengers can book the USD 49 on the website or the updated Southwest Airlines mobile app. Therefore, you should download this app on your Android or iPhone for free.

Can I Purchase Southwest $49 Flights with Miles in 2023?

Yes, you can! Feel free to visit Southwest’s online booking form and enable the ‘Pts’ option for the system to display the required miles. These days, you shouldn’t panic if you don’t have sufficient miles, as you can add a few dollars to complete your Southwest $49 flight booking.

Cheap Southwest Airlines Flights from Chicago to Nashville

Shockingly, passengers can purchase Southwest Airlines $49 flights to tour Nashville, Tennessee. Technically, these flights apply to passengers who select Midway Airport as their origin airport during ticket booking.

Similarly, travelers only need USD 49 to purchase a Southwest ticket from Nashville to Chicago.

Southwest Refund Policy for All $49 Flights

Unfortunately, all Southwest Airlines $49 flights are not refundable as they strictly cover one-way trips. Therefore, you can only change this ticket to a different date or time lest you will lose your flight fees.

Similarly, Southwest’s refund Department cant refund your miles if you cancel a $49 air ticket.

Southwest Airlines USD 29 Flights

You won’t believe that Southwest has much cheaper tickets to particular destinations. For example, you can get a $29 one-way ticket to San Diego, Long Beach, or Los Angeles.

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