United Airlines Seat Selection Policy

United Airlines Seat Selection Policy

Posted By: Admin 25 Nov, 2023

United reserves the right to assign seats randomly to all the passengers who purchase a ticket with them. Unlike other companies, this carrier’s United Airlines seat selection policy permits travelers to choose a different seat at a fee. Understandably, many customers deem this United’s seat modification policy more straightforward than that of its partner airlines.

Here’s a more comprehensive breakdown of this passenger-friendly travel policy.

How to Select a United Seat When Booking a Ticket Online?

Technically, United’s web system prompts passengers to choose a seat when they purchase an air ticket online. You will have to tap the seat checkbox and buy a suitable Bundle offer to get to the United Airlines seat map during online ticket reservation.

Please know that United Airlines offers this seat selection right to passengers in all cabin classes except the Basic Economy. You should anticipate an official confirmation once you finish the seat selection process.

How to Change Your United Existing Passenger’s Seat?

Thank heavens that the United seat selection policy permits passengers to choose another seat a few hours or days after online ticket reservation. Please follow these steps to change your seat successfully.

  • Visit United website
  • Go to the ‘Manage my Trips’ section
  • Tap the ‘My Trips’ option
  • Locate the ‘Change Seats’ button
  • Select an available seat
  • Check out and pay the United seat selection fee

Please consider United Airlines seat selection after booking at least a week in advance to get a good seat. The more one delays, the more the number of unavailable seats increases.

United Airlines Seat Selection Fee

Technically, the United seat selection fee differs depending on factors such as cabin class and the benefits one needs. Generally, seat selection United Airlines fee for Economy Plus ranges between USD 216 and USD230.

Fortunately, the company can offer discounts on United Airlines Seat Selection fees during check-out.

Can I Use United Miles to Upgrade my Passenger’s Seat?

Yes, you can! United’s MileagePlus members can use their miles to buy a flight, or for seat upgrades if they have sufficient points. Please consider visiting United’s upgrade seat with miles section under the ‘My Trips’ subsection.

The next step is to locate your existing United Airlines flight with your ticket or MileagePlus number. Kindly also type your official surname to search for this United Airlines flight.

Next, follow the subsequent steps dutifully to change your seat days before the scheduled flight time.

What Cabin Classes Are Available on the United Airlines Planes?

United Airlines has five cabin classes for local and foreign travelers who purchase their tickets. These are

  • Basic Economy
  • Economy
  • Economy Plus
  • Premium Economy
  • Business class

However, Basic Economy travelers cannot choose a different seat for any reason. United assigns seats for all these passengers at random. Passengers in other travel classes can upgrade or choose another seat at a small fee.

United Seat Selection Policy for Elite Members

All MileagePlus members enjoy United’s preferred seat privilege, especially if they choose an Economy Plus cabin class and above. Furthermore, Gold and Silver elite members can select an alternative passenger’s seat at no extra service fee.

United Seat Selection Policy for Business Class Passengers

Premium Economy and Business class travelers can choose a roomier passenger’s seats online. Fascinatingly, the company will not levy any United seat selection fee to these clients. For the most part, these customers pay the highest flight fee that covers such minor changes.

Is it Possible to View the United Airlines Seat Map?

Yes, it is! Any traveler can see the full United Airlines seat map, when purchasing an air ticket online. You can tap the ‘Seats’ option to see the United Airlines seat chart for the respective aircraft.

What Does X Mean on the United Seat Select Chart?

Generally, this mark implies that the seats are all occupied. Therefore, you cannot select that seat during online flight booking or seat upgrade. The beauty of United Airlines is that it updates this chart in seconds to prevent more than one passenger from choosing the same seat.

United Airlines Seat Upgrade Policy

You can upgrade your United seat online or on the phone before your flight courtesy of the United Airlines seating policy. You should select the ‘Manage Reservation option on United’s website or official app.

Can I Get Seat Change Services at the Airport?

Yes, you can! The good news is that the updated United Airlines seat selection policy lets customers visit the ticket counter for seat changes. The counter assistant will confirm if they have available seats for successful seat upgrades.

Today, MileagePlus can only use their miles to upgrade their seats if they are Silver or Gold elite members.

How Can I Reach United’s Assistant for United Seat Selection Assistance?

Don’t tense if you deem online United Airlines seat selection unfeasible, as the company offers a way out. You can ring the company’s assistants.

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