Spirit Airlines Wifi

Spirit Airlines Wifi

Posted By: Admin 6 Nov, 2023

Does Spirit Airlines Have Wi-Fi?

All customers traveling with this airline can purchase secure Spirit Airlines Wi-Fi to stay entertained throughout the flight. Currently, you can buy a browsing or a streaming package to enjoy on your connected device.

How to Connect to the Spirit Airlines In-flight Wi-Fi?

Kindly follow these direct steps to join Spirit Wi-Fi on your smartphone.

  • A)   Turn off the ‘Airplane’ mode on your mobile phone
  • B)   Visit Spirit Wi-Fi
  • C)   Open your smartphone’s Wi-Fi and connect to Spirit Wi-Fi
  • D)   Select a budget-friendly internet plan
  • E)   Pay or enter an unused Spirit Wi-Fi voucher code

The system will connect you to this Wi-Fi if your payment is successful.

What Payment Methods Can I Use to Pay for my Spirit Wi-Fi?

Spirit Airlines provides various ways of paying for the internet. For example, you can use:

  • Google Pay
  •   Apple Pay
  •  Debit card
  •   Credit card
  •  PayPal

A few years ago, Spirit Airlines banned cash or cheque payments for a flight or inflight Wi-Fi.

Spirit Airlines Inflight Wi-Fi Coverage 2023

Unfortunately, Wi-Fi on Spirit Airlines is not available for some specific routes. Therefore, the customer care team won’t accept purchases for flights ending at these destinations. For example, the agents won’t recognize Spirit Wi-Fi purchases for flights heading to South or Central America.

Additionally, the airline will not allow you to buy Spirit in-flight Wi-Fi if you hold an air ticket to the Caribbean Islands.

How Can I Request a Refund for my Spirit Wi-Fi Plan?

Did you cancel your Spirit Airlines ticket? Don’t worry, as you can get a refund for the Wi-Fi to the same debit or credit card you used to purchase the Wi-Fi package. Today, you can demand reimbursement on the refund section of the customer support page.

Tap the refund form to provide vital information such as:

  •   Flight number
  •   Flight date
  •     Wi-Fi receipt number
  •   Voucher code (if it applies)

Please counter-check all these details before tapping the submit button for refund processing. The company will send you a confirmation email once they receive your refund request.

Spirit Airlines sends customers a receipt via email when they purchase the Wi-Fi plan successfully.

Spirit Airlines Wi-Fi Charges

Wi-Fi fee depends on the speed a given customer wants to surf the internet. Similarly, the Wi-Fi fee also relies on a traveler’s range on a flight. For instance, a browsing internet plan costs at least USD2.99 per passenger.

On the contrary, a streaming Wi-Fi plan costs at least USD 5.99 per traveler. Unsurprisingly, Spirit Wi-Fi costs can be higher for relatively longer international flights.

Spirit Airlines Wi-Fi Voucher

Interestingly, you can use your Spirit Wi-Fi voucher code to purchase a streaming, or browsing package with this airline. These days, the company insists that passengers redeem the voucher within 12 months (one year) before it loses validity.

Cheer up, as you can redeem this code on any Spirit’s domestic or international flight. Fortunately, you can request a refund after canceling a flight you had redeemed your Wi-Fi voucher.

Spirit Wi-Fi Speed

Spirit improved its Wi-Fi to help passengers surf the internet or stream movies or football matches during the flight. At the moment, Spirit’s in-flight Wi-Fi has a minimum upload speed of 7 MBps. On the other hand, the download speed is at least 10 MBps.

Usually, the streaming plan is at least 20 times faster than the browsing Spirit inflight Wi-Fi plan.

How to Purchase Spirit Inflight Wi-Fi

A passenger can buy the internet on Spirit Airlines through their official website. Please select a suitable internet plan before choosing a befitting payment method. Your smartphone will connect to this fast-speed internet on Spirit Airlines when you complete the payment process.

Does Spirit Allow One to Upgrade a Browsing Wi-Fi Plan?

Yes, they do! However, some aircraft’s onboard attendants might not allow you to upgrade your Wi-Fi plan. In such a case, you can buy a streaming plan and request a refund for your previous Wi-Fi plan.

Is Spirit Inflight Wi-Fi Available on all Aircraft?

No, it isn’t! Spirit Wi-Fi is strictly available on Airbus A320 and A321 airplanes only! Currently, all A319 airplanes do not have this in-flight amenity.

Spirit Wi-Fi Voucher Validity

All Spirit vouchers are valid for a maximum of 12 months after the issue date. For this reason, you must redeem your voucher before this period expires. Fortunately, you can use this code on another flight if you pre-purchased a Wi-Fi plan for your current Spirit Airlines flight.

What Can I do When I Forget my Spirit Wi-Fi Confirmation Number?

You can contact Spirit customer support if you forget your Spirit Airlines internet number, provided you can recall your air ticket number. The representatives will retrieve it for you to help get a refund if you pre-purchased the internet.

Secondly, you can refer to your email to get this information from the confirmation email Spirit sent you.

FAQs on Spirit Airlines Wi-Fi

Is Wi-Fi available on all Spirit Airlines flights?

Yes. Wi-Fi is available on some Spirit Airlines flights to improve your in-flight experience. You may now communicate with your loved ones while you’re in the air.

How do I check if my Spirit Airlines flight has Wi-Fi?

You can verify Wi-Fi availability for your specific flight on the Spirit Airlines by contacting the customer service team at 855–728–3555.

What is the cost of using Wi-Fi on Spirit Airlines?

Pricing for Wi-Fi on Spirit Airlines varies depending on fare routes and fare classes. You can inquire about the prices by contacting our travel experts.

Can I purchase Wi-Fi before my Spirit Airlines flight?

The airline does not offer pre-purchase options for Wi-Fi. You can buy access during the flight by paying relevant charges.

How to connect to Spirit Airlines Wi-Fi once on board?

Enable Wi-Fi on your device by selecting the Spirit Airlines network and follow the on-screen instructions to purchase and connect. The airline allows multiple devices per passenger to connect to Wi-Fi.

Is Wi-Fi available throughout the entire flight duration?

Wi-Fi availability is consistent throughout the flight but occasional service interruptions may occur. The airline may offer Wi-Fi packages or discounts for frequent flyers. Check with the team for more savings.

Can I use Wi-Fi during international flights with Spirit Airlines?

Wi-Fi availability on international flights may be limited. Confirm with the airline regarding Wi-Fi services for your specific route. Passengers are encouraged to comply with the airline’s internet usage policies.

Can I refund or transfer my Wi-Fi purchase if I decide not to use it during the flight?

Refund and transfer policies for Wi-Fi purchases are subject to the airline terms and conditions. Spirit Airlines Wi-Fi usage policies during takeoff and landing may vary. Check with the dedicated team at 855–728–3555 for specific instructions during these phases of the flight.

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