Spirit Frequent Flyer Program

Spirit Frequent Flyer Program

Posted By: Admin 6 Nov, 2023

Spirit Frequent Flyer Program

Spirit encourages all their customers to travel with them and rewards their loyal passengers. The company established the Spirit Frequent flyer program to introduce unique privileges to its regular customers.

For example, a Spirit Airlines frequent flyer is free to use their miles to purchase a flight to visit their desired travel destination. Please gear yourself up to learn a few mind-blowing facts about this Free Spirit program.

How to Join the Spirit Airlines Frequent Flyer Program?

You can become a free Spirit member by clicking the Sign Up button on this company’s website. Kindly fill out the below information for Spirit Airlines to accept your membership.

  • Birth date
  • Surname
  • First name
  • Country
  • Zip code
  • Email address
  • Password

The last option is to agree to the terms and conditions and then click the ‘Sign up Now’ button.

How Many Free Spirit Points Do Members Earn?

Typically, the amount of Spirit Loyalty points depends on one’s membership level.

i Basic Members

Each Spirit Airlines rewards program member gets at least 6 points, for each USD1 they spend with this credit card.

ii Elite members

On the contrary, these members can pocket roughly 12 points for every USD1 they spend to upgrade a seat or purchase a Spirit Airlines ticket.

Benefits of Enrolling in the Spirit Frequent Flyer Program

a Free points

The beauty of joining the Spirit Frequent Flyer program is that you earn miles whenever you spend money on Spirit Airlines. Currently, you get a point for each USD 1 you use to purchase a ticket or hotel booking fee.

b It helps one save money.

You can redeem your Spirit points to purchase a flight or add baggage to your ticket. You can also use these points with less cash to buy a pricey domestic or global flight with Spirit Airlines.

c  Get a better membership status.

Spirit Airlines loyalty program members can redeem their miles to purchase a higher membership status. As a result, the members can now earn more than 10 miles for each $1 they spend with the Spirit credit card.

How to Redeem Spirit Loyalty Program Points to Buy an Air Ticket?

You can redeem your free Spirit points to purchase an air ticket on the company’s official site. Kindly tap the ‘Book’ and enable the ‘Show Fares in Points’ box, then enter flight details.

The next step is to click the ‘Search Flights’ to see all the available Spirit Airlines flights. The system will also display the equivalence of the Free Spirit points and the airfare.

Therefore, you can take all your time until you identify a cheap Spirit flight.

What Types of Points Do Free Spirit Members Earn?

All Spirit Loyalty Program members can earn either of the below points.

1.  Free Spirit Points

A member with a Free Spirit credit card can rely on these points to purchase an air ticket.

2.  Status Qualifying points

Members who earn these points can redeem them to retain their Elite Status. Ordinarily, these members get points when they spend money to pay for baggage and seat upgrade fees.

Can I Redeem my Spirit Points to Get an Air Ticket?

Yes, you can! A passenger can redeem Spirit points to purchase an air ticket if they have enough balance. At present, you need at least 2,500 points to book a domestic Spirit Airlines flight.

Interestingly, you can use cash and free Spirit points to book an air ticket.

Validity of Spirit Loyalty Customer Points

Spirit Airlines points do not expire if you’re still enrolled in this frequent flyer program. Therefore, you can redeem these points at will to save money. However, Spirit’s partner expects you to use these points within 12 months.

How Can I Know the Value of my Free Spirit Points?

Chill out if you’re unsure about the value of your Free Spirit rewards, as customer support agents can help you. Therefore, you can dial +1-844-989-7283 to get this essential information at no charge.

A better alternative is to rely on credible third-party websites to calculate the value of your Spirit points. For example, you can use NerdWallet’s calculator to determine the current financial value of your miles.

Eligibility for a Free Spirit Credit Card

One must fulfill particular requirements to qualify to become a Spirit Airlines flyer program. The company issues this Free Spirit Credit Card to travelers who are:

  1. A customer must be at least 18 years old.
  2. A passenger must have a valid social security number SSN.
  3. A Puerto Rican customer must be 21 years and over.
  4. Costa Ricans and Nicaraguans can apply for this credit card.

How Much is a Free Spirit Credit Card’s Annual Fee?

Spirit Airlines will charge you at least USD 79 for you to use your Free Spirit Credit card to make purchases or to book an air ticket. The thrilling news is that the company will waive this fee in your first year.

FAQs on Spirit Frequent Flyer Program

What is the Spirit Frequent Flyer Program?

The Spirit Frequent Flyer is a loyalty program designed to reward passengers for their continued trust and patronage. Through this program, members earn points for every qualifying flight. Earn points and redeem it for future travel.

How do I enroll in the Spirit Frequent Flyer Program?

Contact the Spirit Airlines customer service team at 855–728–3555 and ask them to fill out a quick application form on your behalf. Once enrolled, you’ll start earning points on your very next qualifying flights with Spirit Airlines.

What are the benefits of the Flyer Program with Spirit Frequent?

Members enjoy a range of benefits including priority boarding, complimentary seat selection, and access to exclusive promotions. Points can also be used for free flights, cabin upgrades, and other exciting rewards.

How do I earn points in the program?

Points are earned based on the distance traveled and fare class. The more you fly, the more points you accumulate.

Can I earn points on partner airlines?

Points are earned only on eligible Spirit Airlines flights. However, you can save more on booking fees by contacting our travel experts.

Do Spirit Frequent Flyer points expire?

Points are valid for 12 months from the date of earning. To keep your account active, simply redeem points within the allotted period.

How do I redeem earned points online?

  • Log in to your Spirit Frequent Flyer account on our website.
  • Navigate to the redemption section.
  • Explore the option and choose from a variety of rewards.
  • Follow the prompts and enjoy more glory.
  • Your current points balance is available on your account dashboard.

Can I transfer points to another member?

At the moment, point transfers between members are not supported. Points are intended for personal use and cannot be gifted or shared. If you are trying to share points then the airline may deactivate your account.

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